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Electrolux Central Vacuum
Brand New 2016 Premium Edition Models

Electrolux Central Vacuum Units

Our All-in-One Complete Packages contain everything you need to install a central vacuum unit from start to finish!

Electrolux Central Vacuum Units . Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, Replacement Parts and Accessories. We carry a full line of Electrolux attachment kits, Electrolux central vacuum accessories, installation kits, everything you may need for your Electrolux central vacuum. Further questions about Electrolux central vacuum systems, don't hesitate to call us at Thinkvacuums.com.



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Electrolux SC380B Central Vacuum
List Price: $629
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You Save $30
Electrolux PU3450A Central Vacuum

List Price: $495
Sale Price
You Save $30

Electrolux PU3450A Central Vacuum

List Price: $665
Sale Price
You Save $30

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True Maximum
Suction Power
What are airwatts?Click here!
Airwatts (Suction Power)
Airwatts (Suction Power)
Airwatts (Suction Power)
CFM 127 125 126
Waterlift 140" 140" 137"
Volts 120 120 120
Startup Amps
14.7 14.5 15
Dirt Capacity 4 Gallons 4 Gallons 7 Gallons
Diameter 15" 11" 14"
Height 42" 33" 42"
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Motor Single Stage Flow-Through 5.7 2-Stage 2-Stage
7.2 Bypass
Filtration Bagless 4 Gal Bagless 4 Gal Bagless 7 Gal
Safety Valve
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(Order Below)
(Order Below)
LED Panel No Yes Yes
Venting Option Yes Yes Yes
Utility Inlet No Yes Yes
Programmable Logic Controller No Yes Yes
Self-Cleaning HEPA Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Vibration Yes Yes Yes
Motor Vent Filter No Yes Yes
Sound Level Under 70 Decibels Under 70 Decibels Under 70 Decibels
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In The
Same Class
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* The data represents peak air watts with motor tolerances as set forth by Ametek-Lamb.  Individual motor performance may vary due to normal manufacturing variations, accepted ranges, voltage, apertures, altitude and installation circumstances.


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Now that you've selected a central vacuum,
here's the top 4 products to properly
maintain your system for years to come...
ActiVac II

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HEPA Exhaust Filter - ActiVac II

     The most popular accessory for your new vacuum!    
The new ActiVac II venting system helps capture carbon dust, eliminates odors, acts as a muffler, reduces noise and purifies the air with a HEPA membrane which filters down to .03 microns.

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Safety Valve

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Red Motor/Fire Safety Valve

The Motor Safety Valve is an air relief system designed to protect your motor from damage caused by blockage. When a blockage occurs, the valve will open to allow air flow to the motor, preventing a motor burn out or further damage.

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Tornado Cloths

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Flush Out Your Central Vacuum
Tornado Power Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths by are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care. These handy cloths are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency. 25 cloths per pack.

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Deodorizing Fragrance

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Got Pets?Central Vacuum
Deodorizing Fragrance
Does your central vacuum stink?
Here's a new product that not only deodorizes your carpets and floors, but also deodorizes your central vacuum pipes and unit. Eliminates pet odors, tobacco odors, mold and mildew odors, dirt, dust smells, cooking odors...non-toxic!

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Learn More about Electrolux Central Vacuums

Electrolux PU3450A Central VacuumThere appears to be an unwritten law according to which all high-quality things must be expensive too, otherwise they are regarded as second-hand products. Fortunately, some manufacturers have learned that this is no way to increase their sales, so they tried their best to increase the quality of their products while lowering the prices. Electrolux is one of these manufacturers, their vacuum cleaners performing impeccably while being sold for reasonable prices. This is also the hallmark of Electrolux central vacuums.

The age of a company also has a great influence on its sales numbers in that the older the company, the larger the sales number. Electrolux is quite privileged from this point of view because it feels as if they had been operating on the market ever since the age of dinosaurs. Well, their vacuum cleaners may be real dinosaurs from a quality standpoint, but they are only a few decades old. However, that appears to be enough for American vacuum users and not only. Electrolux central vacuums will also purify the air you breathe as you vacuum.

Electrolux central vacuums are also lined up to the company's philosophy. They are also available for competitive prices but do not make any compromises when it comes to their efficiency. These vacuums can be used both in new homes and in existing ones. All you need is an inlet on every floor to be able to install the appliance and a PVC pipe to make the connection between the hose and the power unit. Most people choose to mount their power unit in the garage or in other such isolated areas. Once you plug in the hose, all the polluted air the vacuum cleaner pulls in is transported to the dust bag through the PVC pipe. 


As you can imagine, the efficiency of a central vacuum cleaner is higher than that of a conventional

vacuum, mainly because the motor produces more power. It is also larger, so, practically, this is one of the domains where the size matters. These central vacuum cleaners are among the most powerful on the market, so they are quite big in a figurative way, too. And then, there are the attachments, which have no difficulties removing any kind of dirt or dust. Their powerheads, whose activity is sustained by separate motors, are ideal tools to use on carpets. These powerheads also have their little helpers, like upholstery tools, dusting tools, brushes for cleaning tile or hardwood floors, crevice tools and so on.

There are a number of advantages you get as users of Electrolux central vacuums. The list starts with being spared the trouble of dragging the appliance everywhere when you clean your house and continues with the fact that you can actually increase its value. Of course, there is no need to mention the health benefits of using these central vacuums. So there are plenty of reasons why you should consider these home appliances. However, you know what they say, you won't know until you've tried it. The same goes here. You will not be aware of all the benefits of using Electrolux central vacuums until you have tried them.



Need Electrolux Vacuum Bags?

Central vacuum bags

Replacement Disposable Vacuum Bags for Electrolux
Filter Bag: Poly
ATLIS 2 Hole Disposable
Pack of 3

Electrolux Central Vacuums

Price $17.95


Electrolux Filter/Cartridge Refills

Replacement cloth filter. Comes in 11" and 14" sizes.
We recommend changing filters every 2 to 3 years.
For Models PU3450A, PU3650A, PU3900B

Old style Electrolux Foam Filter

Aerus/Electrolux Blue Foam Filter
Old Style Electrolux® Foam Filter

Price $39.95

Old style Electrolux Cartridge Filter

Electrolux Afuera Cartridge Filter
NEW Style Electrolux® Cartridge Filter
Part #110354

Price $75.95

Old style Electrolux Filter

Electrolux Very Old Style Filter - Now in Black
5 1/2" Diameter x 6" Tall

Price $29.95