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Filtex Central Vacuums

Filtex central vacuum systems

Filtex are quite popular in homes because of their high performance and power-packed features. Filtex central vacuum was first introduced in the Los Angeles market in 1960 and since then it has carved its niche in many homes, hotels, and businesses. What has made the Filtex central vacuum one of the top cleaners in the market is the efficient motor, which is powerful and versatile.


Filtex as a company has been sold and acquired several times and came to be known as VSI and Natter as well at some point in time. In the late 1980’s, they were sold to Music and Sound (M & S) and from there it was acquired in the late 1990’s by Chamberlain Industries. Around 2005, the company was acquired by Linear who are now manufacturing Filtex central vacuum.


Linear LLC, the current manufacturers of Filtex central vacuum are considered as pioneers in engineered radio frequency (RF) products. They are also an important supplier of different types of wireless residential security systems, intercoms, access control, garage door operators, short- and long-range radio remote controls, gate operators, as well as medical emergency reporting systems. After the acquisition of Filtex, Linear has expanded its business into an entirely new range of consumer electronics.


Top Products by Filtex

Some of the top central vacuum cleaners by Filtex include:

·   Filtex Model 275-A ·   Filtex Model 800 ·   Filtex Model A ·   Filtex Model B300BL ·   Filtex Model B300L

·   Filtex Model FX100A ·   Filtex Model FX2000 ·   Filtex Model FX3000 ·   Filtex Model FX400 ·   Filtex Model FX4000

·   Filtex Model FX500 ·   Filtex Model FX5000 ·   Filtex Model FX500A ·   Filtex Model FX5800 ·   Filtex Model FX6000

·   Filtex Model FX675 ·   Filtex Model FX675A ·   Filtex Model FX7000 ·   Filtex Model FX725    ·   Filtex Model FX775

·   Filtex Model FX8000 ·   Filtex Model FX900 ·   Filtex Model NSB200 ·   Filtex Model NTC600 ·   Filtex Model NTC600A

·   Filtex Model NTM285 ·   Filtex Model NTS300 ·   Filtex Model NTS300A ·   Filtex Model NTSP700 ·   Filtex Model S 300 LB

·   Filtex Model S300 ·   Filtex Model S300L ·   Filtex Model S300LR ·   Filtex Model SB200L ·   Filtex Model SB300L

·   Filtex Model TC600L ·   Filtex Model TM 285 L


Reasons for buying Filtex vacuum products

Filtex by Linear offers some of the top central vacuum products in the world. Here are some of the reasons why Filtex Vacuum Systems are a “must-have”:


Heads: One of the distinct advantages that Filtex central vacuum systems have over the traditional vacuum cleaners is that you can replace the heads of the hose. The convenience of head replacement ensures that you are able to clean different types of surfaces with ease. Some of the heads have been made in such a way that you will be able to clean dirt from some of the tightest corners in your home. The replaceable heads offered by Filtex are tested for high quality and come with the guarantee of long life.


Accessories: All Filtex central vacuum systems have a crush proof 360 degree swivel hose apart from other accessories like metal tube, 14 inch swivel floor brush, roller brush, fabric brushes, horsehair brush, and many other brushes. The system also consists of crevice tool and 2 additional plastic wands. The brush roller available with the vacuum has 360 degree convergent bristles that will last for a maximum period of 800 hours compared to a standard roller brush that has a maximum life of 50-250 hours.


Filter Bags: Filtex central vacuum systems use 9 Gallon filter bags. The filters have a diameter of 13.5 inch while the depth is 13 inches. Alternatively, depending on your Filtex central vacuum model, you can also opt for 11 Gallon filters, which have a diameter of 13.5 inches and depth of 23 inches.


Low/No Noise: Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, a Filtex central vacuum doesn’t make any noise at all. This is mostly because of the 13-piece foam and rubber insulator, which helps in reducing noise while sealed ball bearings ensure that the vibrations are also reduced.


Motor: The most important part of the Filtex central vacuum is its motor. The high quality motor uses advanced technology to guarantee high performance, efficient cleaning, and long life. One of the impressive features is that if the setting of the motor is incorrect, then the advanced technology used ensures that the motor transmission as well as the belt is protected from any overload, which might lead to wear and tear. The motor of the central vacuum will shut off automatically the moment the brush is reset. There are different sizes and styles of motors available to choose from. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose from the following motors for your Filtex central vacuum system:


Long life: Filtex central vacuum systems have a long-life and this can be attributed to the fact that it uses much less power for cleaning versus standard vacuum cleaners. Because of the advanced technology and sophisticated design, the central vacuum systems by Filtex clean efficiently.


Warranty: The warranty on all Filtex central vacuum systems vary from 5 to 10 years.


A Filtex central vacuum system offers high performance and great efficiency when cleaning and is perfect for homes, offices, and even hotels or hospitals.




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