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  1. Miele SES115 Electric Hose 05234144

    The Miele SES115 electric hose fits the Ambiente, White Pearl & Platinum Miele Canisters.. This hose features a 360° swivel handle with an on/off switch for the powerhead.... Learn More

  2. Miele SES113 Electric Hose 41996401USA

    The Miele SES113 electric hose fits most of the S5 series Miele canisters. This hose is a direct connect at the canister and pigtail at the powerhead. If you are unsure what hose... Learn More

  3. Miele SES118 Electric Hose 41996402USA

    The Miele SES118 electric hose fits the S500 series with direct connect. This hose features a 360° swivel handle for greater flexibility and a on/off fingertip switch for the... Learn More

  4. Miele SES125 Deluxe Electric Hose 6179762

    The SES125 deluxe electric direct connect hose is made only for the S558 Red Velvet, S558 Silver Moon and the S658 Blue Moon Miele canisters. This hose has built in controls on... Learn More

  5. Miele SES119 Electric Hose 41996413USA

    The Miele SES119 is a replacement electric hose with direct connect for the Miele S5 Series canisters, excluding the S5 Capricorn which uses the SES130 electric hose. The SES119... Learn More

  6. Miele SES121 Electric Hose 7913724

    The Miele SES121 electric hose is a genuine replacement for the S8 and C3 series Miele canisters. Excluding the S8 Uniq canister which uses the SES131 electric hose. Miele has... Learn More

  7. Miele SES116 Electric Hose 7762550

    The Miele SES116 electric hose is a genuine replacement for the S2000 series including the S2120 Delphi , S2180 Titan and S2180 Atlantis canisters. This hose features an ergonomic... Learn More

  8. Miele SES130 Electric Hose 9106510

    The Miele SES130 electric hose is a direct connect style that only fit the S5980 Capricorn and the S5981 Capricorn Miele canisters. This hose features a ergonomic handle with... Learn More

  9. Miele SES117 Electric Hose 7698160

    The Miele SES117 electric hose has a pigtail connection at the vacuum and a direct connect at the powerbrush. This hose is a genuine replacement hose for the S6 series including... Learn More

  10. Miele Basic Hose For S2 Series 3617462

    The Miele Basic Hose is a non-electric hose. It fits the Miele S2 Series CanistersLearn More

  11. Miele Basic Hose For S3-S4 Series 3947435

    <p>The Miele Basic Hose is a non-electric hose and fits the Miele S300 and S400 Series Canister Vacuums.<br />This hose reduces the discomfort caused by cleaning... Learn More