Industrial Central Vacuum Systems
by Drainvac

No matter the cleaning application or requirement, these powerful Industrial Central Vacuums are commercial grade for cleanup of the toughest jobs! Choose from 1 of 4 Industrial Central Vacuum Systems.

The Cyclonik Industrial Central Vacuum picks up dry substances, is powerful, versatile and intended for enviroments that produce a lot of dust.

The Automatik Industrial Vacuum picks up both dry and liquid substances then automatically drains the system.

The Industrial Central Vacuum is designed for warehouse or factory solutions. This enterprise solution is designed for industry sectors including agricultural, nutritional, automobile, military, mechanical and other industries.

Finally the Drainvac Liquids Industrial Vacuum is great for professional carpet cleaning, post-disaster cleaning services.

Industrial Series Central Vacuums

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Hair Salon Vacuum
by Drainvac

The Ultimate Hair Salon and Barber Shop Central Vacuum by Drainvac is a must have for salons, hair cutterys, and barbers alike. This industrial central vacuum comes complete with powerful dual motors and extra-large 10 gallon bin for hair and dirt collection. There is not a more powerful hair salon vacuum made!

Not only is the Hair Salon Industrial Central Vacuum scratch proof, rust proof, and dent proof; the average lifespan ranges from 18 to 22 years. It’s practically indestructible! The Drainvac Hair Salon Industrial Central Vacuum is available as an upgrade to your preexisting central vacuum or with complete Installation Hardware. So if your business is cutting hair, do yourself a favor and pick up a Salon Vac today!

Hair Salon Vacuums | DrainVac

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Wet/Dry Vacuum
Industrial Central Vacuums
by Drainvac

Wet amd Dry Central Vacuums

Wet/Dry Central Vacuums by Drainvac

Simply amazing, the Drainvac Wet/Dry Industrial Central Vacuums are the most powerful Wet/Dry systems on the market today. Drainvac now offers the commercial quality of their wet/dry units for residential applications. Complete with built in bladder and anti-clog safety screen you “don’t have to worry, because it will not clog your sewage, never has, never will!”

Unlike all other vacuums, the patented Wet/Dry Drainvac Industrial Central Vacuum cleans both dry and liquid substances, drains automatically, and sends dirt and water away from your home. With over 20 years of rock solid technology, these wet/dry central vacuums come in either a Dump-out System or Self Flushing Unit.

Wet & Dry Vacuums

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Central Vacuum
Pet Vac

The Veterinarian Central Vacuum System comes in a unique Dual-Canister and Powerful Dual Motor System. The #1 Vet’s Choice award is given to a true commercial grade high efficiency industrial central vacuum. With a larger dirt capacity and hassle free maintenance costs, this industrial central vacuum is an innovative cleaning solution for veterinary establishments nationwide.

The Veterinarian Central Vacuum is also great for groomers, boarding facilities and other industries related to veterinarians and pets. This powerful Industrial Central Vacuum Upgrade for preexisting installations comes in both 110v 900 AirWatts and 240v 1,340 AirWatts.  Pet hair from dogs, cats and other furry critters will no longer be a problem with the Vet Central Vacuum!

Pet Vac Central Vacuums

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Carpet Shampooer
Wet/Dry Liquid Extractor
by Drainvac

Clean touch stains, shampoo carpets, unclog blocked sinks, wet spills, snow slush from the garage and more! The Wet/Dry Interceptor Industrial Carpet Shampooer and water vacuum allows the pickup of moisture, solid spills, and debris that would otherwise clog a standard vacuum system.

The wet/dry Interceptor Shampooer can pick up large spills, ashes, saw dust, wood chips, etc. Many central vacuum owners prefer to use an Interceptor to clean up bulk messes in the shop, garage, Laundry room or even large spills in the kitchen. The Interceptor Industrial Water Vacuum hooks up directly to your existing central vacuum system and comes complete with either an Attachment Kit or Hot Water Shampoo Kit.

Wet/Dry Carpet Extractor by DrainVac

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Allergy Vacuum
by Cana-Vac

The PurVac Premier Industrial Central Vacuum is designed to clean with a 99.95% chance of fewer indoor pollutants. If you suffer from Allergies, Sneezing, Wheezing, Bronchitis, Eye Irritation, Sinus Problems, Asthma and so on… The PurVac Allergy Industrial Central Vacuum can help!

The Whole House Filtration of the PurVac Allergy Central Vacuum comes with ActiVac II AllerGuard and SilverClear True Hospital Grade Filtration. Take control of your indoor air quality with a PurVac Industrial Central Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filtration. So advanced, this vacuum actually cleans the air as it cleans your home.

Allergy Vacuums by Cana-Vac

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Kitchen Vacuums

Selecting the right Kitchen Central Vacuum for your cleaning needs is easy with our choice of three unique and powerful systems. These industrial central vacuums are perfect for the kitchen or any room with cabinets including bathrooms, utility rooms and more.

Choose from either the InterVac wall or cabinet mounted central vacuum system, Yellow Jacket Mini Central Vacuum or Top-of-The-Line Powerful Drainvac Atomik. No matter which kitchen vacuum you determine is right for your cleaning needs, we know you’ll be extremely satisfied with a new level of cleaning efficiency and convenience.

Kitchen Vacuum

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Garage Vacuum
by GarageVac

More homeowners today are discovering the convenience of owning a Garage Vacuum. These residential vacuums (with an industrial vacuums feel) are affordable compact and great for any garage or home workshop. With the flush mountable design, the garage vacuum may be installed nearly out of sight and into the wall.

Sleek and powerful, the garage vacuum installs in minutes, and is great for vacuuming cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, and much more. Why lug around a shop vacuum, getting tangled in the cord or hose when you can have the convenience of an attractive wall mounted vacuum? Shop for and find additional information about Garage Vacuums, Garage Central Vacuum Kits, including Patio, Garage and Utility Kits for your home.

Garage Vacuum

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Pet Central Vacuum
by Cana-Vac

The Pet Central Vacuum by Cana-Vac is rated “Best-In-Show” and recommended by both veterinarians and allergists. This industrial central vacuum performs exceptionally well when picking up Pet Hair, Pet Dander, Dust Mites, Fleas, Ticks, Pet Odors, Allergens, and other unwanted Debris.

Odor is controlled by the advanced and certified charcoal filtration sealed system. The all new Hybrid and HEPA Technology prevents suction loss and is backed with an unbelievable 25 Year Motor Warranty including a Lifetime Warranty on Housing! Finally, the industrial pet central vacuum comes with an extra-large dirt and hair collection unit requiring less maintenance for even the biggest cleanups!

Pet Central Vacuums

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Boat & RV Vacuum

These industrial central vacuums or RV and Yacht Vacuums not only install in under 20 minutes but deliver incredible suction power in a small package.

This especially goes for the Drainvac Atomik Boat/Yacht Vacuum. It packs the suction power of a full sized central vacuum system in a fraction of the size. Once you experience the convenience and ease of a RV or Yacht Vacuum you’ll wonder why you ever lugged around that hand held vac.

The Walvac Stow-A-Vac flush mounts into tight quarters and may be installed completely out of sight behind a cabinet or within a closet. You can also find additional attachments for your RV or Yacht Vacuum that compliment your new central vacuum cleaning system.

Boat & RV Vacuums

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