Salon Central Vacuum System by Drainvac

The ultimate powerful 900 AirWatt dual canister hair salon vacuum

Drainvac Hair Salon Central Vacuums are the best of the best. This is without a doubt the very best salon central vacuum on the market and certainly very budget friendly. The Drainvac Salon Vac delivers supercharged power. That means, the more power... the greater the suction and cleaning capacity. Harness the power with not just one motor but two giant motors. Double the motors means incredible suction. More power equals better results!

The Ultimate Salon Central Vacuum

DrainVac Hair Salon Central Vacuum Upgrade
- Without Installation Hardware -

(Upgrade your old Salon System with the Ultimate)

Drainvac Ultimate Hair Salon Central Vacuum
-With Complete Installation Hardware -

(The Complete Hair SalonCentral Vacuum System)

DrainVac Hair Salon - Free Motor Safety Valve

Drainvac Hair Salon Central Vacuum System - with Complete Installation Hardware


Retail: $1,599  
Sale Price: $1,299


Retail: $1,599  
Sale Price: $1,449
DrainVac 110V
Powerful 110v 900 AirWatts
Ultra Powerful - Better Suction
Complete Package w/out Hardware)
DranVac 110V Ultimate Salon Vac
Powerful 110v 900 AirWatts
Ultra Powerful - Better Suction
(Complete Package with Hardware)


Retail: $1,650  
Sale Price: $1,349


Retail: $1,650  
Sale Price: $1,499
DrainVac 240V
Powerful 240v 1,340 AirWatts
Ultra Powerful - Better Suction
Complete Package w/out Hardware)
DranVac 240V Ultimate Salon Vac
Powerful 240v  1,340 AirWatts
Ultra Powerful - Better Suction
(Complete Package with Hardware)

Commercial-use warranty terms and conditions are covered in product documentation.

* Lesser priced units available to fit any budget. Wet/dry systems also available, call us for more info.

*There's not a more powerful salon vacuum made! Maintenance-free, never clogs or loses suction!

The Ultimate
Hair Salon Package
Package Includes:

installation kits

Powerful Drainvac Dual Salon Central Vacuum System - 10 Gallons

Complete Install Kit (200 ft of Salon Pipe w/bell ends, Elbows, Glue, Instructions, Wire, etc) Covers
up to 6 stations
6 Commercial VacPans
(covers 6 hair stations)
  Units should be used with disposable bags
for better hair and dirt removal - easy to clean out
  Ultra Silent Series (Whisper Quiet Design) - Only 63dB!
  Wall Mountable • Vibration-Free • Very Low Maintenance
  Great for asthma and allergy sufferers • best hygienic system
Scratch proof / RUST PROOF / dent proof / corrosion proof
  Venting unit is an option, but not required.
  *Limited Lifetime Warranty • New - Europe's Finest Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Motors • Environmentally Friendly
  Average lifespan is 18-22 years, practically indestructible...
VacPan - Our Most Popular Seller VacPan for Hair Salons

The Drainvac Hair Salon vacuum is without a doubt a must for any Hair Salon.

Drainvac Authorized DealerOnce only affordable for high end million dollar salons, now Drainvac has developed not only a quality built machine but it is also budget friendly. What is a Salon Vacuum you ask? It is a revolution in the hair and beauty industry. No more long hours of cleaning up after clients no more dust pans and back breaking bending to sweep up after a haircut. A Salon vacuum, when installed, is typically located towards the back of the establishment. With a series of pipes running either behind the walls or exposed to each hair station connecting to floor mounted vacpans.

This allows easy hassle free clean up for the salon with vacuum ports directly located at each station. Once the system is installed simply tap the on/off switch on the vacpan with your shoe. This activates the low voltage signal to the unit turning the vacuum on. The elegant and powerful Drainvac Salon vacuum begins to power up creating supreme suction power. Take your normal broom and sweep all your cut hair, dirt, dust and debris directly into the opening and watch the magic take place. Now you see it - now you don’t. The hair instantly disappears.

Once swept into the floor openings, the dirt and locks of hair travel rapidly throughout the pipe lines and gets disposed of into the waste collection canister. The canister will compact the layers of hair to make even more room in the canister for less disposal. The canister is developed out of a durable ABS resin and is transparent allowing you to see when the canister is full and ready for discarding. This is another industry first from Drainvac. When it is time to empty the canister simply unlatch the clamps and dispose of the huge anti-allergen biodegradable bag.  

The bag seals trapping all the dirt and hair inside, just pop it off and discard it in the trash it’s that easy! Your whole staff will love it and you will be the envy of all the other salons. Modernize your salon, reduce time and efforts when it comes to clean up and add value to your business with the Drainvac salon vacuum. Now with hose and attachment kit options, clean everything from stations, greeting areas, back rooms, chairs, everything from ceilings to floors. Don’t just stir it up, suck it up! Happy vacuuming! P.S.  let us help you customize your hair salon while keeping your budget down, we are the Salon Vacuum Experts 1800.322.2965

What makes the Drainvac ultimate salon vacuum the best?
The most technologically advanced design for hair salons on the market today.

Drainvac hair salon central vacuums. The best of the best. This is without a doubt the very best salon central vacuum on the market and certainly very budget friendly. Supercharged power. The more power the greater the suction. We dare anyone to compare the features of a Drainvac salon vacuum to any other vacuum on the market. Harness the power with not just one motor but two giant motors. Double the motors means incredible suction, the more power the better results.

Salon Vacuum CleanerDurability - Europe's finest quality motors made especially for the ultimate salon vacuum.
learn more... precision crafted. All metal motors.

Quiet operation.

Yes. We consider it super quiet. Its all about quiet, smooth operation especially when you're conducting business. 15-25% quieter than the closest competitor. Unlike others which you have to wait until everyone is out of the salon or can only be used after hours because they're so loud. Drainvac has designed this vacuum with noise suppression technology, another industry first.

Active charcoal filtration. No other salon vacuum has this feature. We sell the majority of salon vacuums on the market today. If the vacuum does not have this feature your vacuum can end up smelling atrocious in only about 2 weeks.

Rust proof. Unlike metal central vacuum units, which are rust resistant  - this unit will not rust, pit, corrode, warp, etc. Yes, it comes with a true lifetime housing warranty. We are so sure that if it were to be found to have a manufacturing defect, we will replace the housing and honor the warranty as lifetime forever. Made of strong ABS resin approx. 6mm thick, 50% thicker than their competition

Even if some vacuums say they wont rust (they usually do) remember they will claim your warranty is void by saying there's moisture in the vacuum, of course because of hair that's cut that is wet.

Extra large dirt capacity - 10-15 gallon plus. Making it easier to clean. More hygienic, less maintenance. Another first in the industry by Drainvac.

Environmentally friendly. This machine is designed with going green in mind, using less energy which will save you money on electric bills and is better for the environment as well as landfills. All in all, it’s much more efficient and eco-friendly.

Commercial quality.

Simply put, it has to say it or its not really commercial. Built to last. Most hair salon vacuums could call itself a salon vacuum or call itself commercial but it literally has to have the word on the vacuum to really be commercial, don't be fooled by competitors. There's people in the industry that will take an ordinary home vacuum and call it a salon vacuum. This happens quite often. If you're not sure about other salon vacuums call us, we’ll tell you the truth. There is not a vacuum on the market that we don’t know about, even fake private labeled vacuums.

Hair Salon Central Vacuum

Silverclear – kills bacteria in salon vacuums odors and microscopic organisms. Another first in the industry by Drainvac. Every salon vacuum should have Silverclear in it. Total transparent dirt canister. It simply shows you how much hair, dirt and sand is in the vacuum. Again another first from Drainvac. Commercial meter maintenance gauge will actually let you know when it’s time to maintain the vacuum. Another technological breakthrough thanks to Drainvac. Easy maintenance top-fill, clog resistant intake provides no loss of suction when bag is close to full. This will allow a cooler running motor.

Simply put, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. You can probably find a cheaper vacuum if you look hard enough, but you’ll compromise quality for price. You may be asking for trouble in the long run. Buying the wrong salon vacuum will probably end up with you purchasing 2 or 3 in a couple of years. In conclusion when shopping for a salon central vacuum there may be

false claims that businesses try to sell a home type vacuum as a salon central vacuum, don’t get fooled. The word commercial has to be on the vacuum. If you were to purchase a home type vacuum it clearly will explain in the instructions/guarantee that if you use it commercially the warranty will be null and void. Here’s a great example for the right tools for the right job.

Would you use an ordinary hair dryer or a professional one? Home style scissors to cut someone's head or professional salon scissors like---you get the idea. Simply put, don’t compromise a bargain for quality as you wouldn’t compromise the tools of your craft.

The owners point of view. The original salon vac is our choice for being the best salon vac on the market. We factor variables very carefully and we’re extremely strict about function, quality, reparability, power, suction, quietness, motor design, anti clog design, craftsmanship, ease of use, but most of all durability. We take durability very seriously. Customer satisfaction is number one with us. This vacuum comes with 100% unsurpassed money back guarantee if not satisfied. We cannot offer that with any other central vac, they don’t have that type of warranty. I'm the owner of Thinkvacuums but if I did have my own hair salon, I would definitely have the world famous Drainvac salon vacuum. Make your salon stand out amongst the competition and make it easier on your workers. We have over 50 years experience in the vacuum industry. We've never seen a vacuum come down the tunnel like this vacuum.

Don't Forget To Order Your Disposable Vacuum Bags/Filter
Requirement for Ultimate Salon Vacuum: Filter & Bags Must Be Used Together

Salon Vacuum System

Drainvac Disposable
Paper Bags
New Larger 9 Gallon Capacity
(Now Holds 40% More Hair!)

Anti-Allergen, Traps microscopic
particles and allergens.
Strong two-ply. High Efficiency
99.7% Filtration.

drainvac salon vacuum bags

Disposable Salon

35 Pack - $99.95
Call for larger quantities


New Machine Washable

New SilverClear Pre Motor Filter
(Kills Bacteria & Odor)
Commonly Associated
 with Salon Vacuums We highly recommend
 having a second filter handy in the event
of odor build-up or when the original filter
is being washed. We recommend
changing every 2-3 years.

Silverclear Filter
Set of 2 Filters

The Original Salon Red Motor/Fire

The Original Salon Red Motor/Fire
Safety Valve

The Motor Safety Valve is an air relief system designed to protect your motor from damage caused by blockage. When a blockage occurs, the valve will open to allow air flow to the motor, preventing a motor burn out or further damage.

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Sale Price

Salon Vacuum Testimonials: See what our customers have to say about their NEW Salon Vac!

Dear Thinkvacuums,

I'm writing you because my installer/handyman just finished installing the Salon vac and a bunch of those Vacpans. I got the 240v version because I own a pretty busy salon. I never knew before this that there was a vacuum specifically made for my line of business. What a cool concept! We've had vacuums before in the previous location of my shop, but they clogged often because of the amount of hair and stuff that gets vacuumed. I went to a local vacuum shop and they told me the damn thing actually burned out! We've got 12 stations, so that's a lot of hair! This thing works like a dream, my staff has all told me what a convenient thing those Vacpans are. They all have a broom near them so they just have to sweep it in and it's all gone!

I spoke with a woman named Abby via email to get some more details on the salonvac before I purchased this, after all it's not exactly a cheap item; I wanted all the information I could get! After emails back and forth I was solidly convinced this was the right decision, and I haven't looked back since. It truly has made a huge difference in how clean my shop is, even some of our regular customers have noticed the floors being cleaner!

Thanks so much for the guidance and support I was given, it's greatly appreciated.

Yours truly, Brett S., NH

Good morning Thinkvacuums,

My name is Pete, I wanted to drop you a line and say that I own a brand new hair and nail salon here in Arizona. We equipped it with your Drainvac Salon Vac and it's been 6 months. I'm sorry I didn't write you sooner like I promised, but I found some time to sit down and thank you and your technicians for helping me install this.

It's a wonderful system and it has vicious power. My hair stylists think the salon is so more sweeping into a pan to clean up hair! We just turn the Vacpan on and it sweeps everything away, we don't have to see it or deal with it. It's a godsend to us.

Now only if they invented a device that would hook up to my razor, that would be so ideal. Maybe I should invent it and become a millionaire...

Thanks, Pete M., Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Thinkvacuums,

I own a hair salon on the Las Vegas strip. I found Drainvac's product on your internet site. I don't own a big salon, but I have 3 stations that are constantly surrounded by people's hair. I've owned hair salons all my life and what a cool invention this is that we came across. My hairdressers HATE cleaning up after a client, we did have a girl who was hired just to clean up and help out but unfortunately with this economy we had to let her go, but with this new central vacuum system we just turn on one of the Vacpans and sweep right into it and it's all gone.

We were a little scared being that the hair was usually wet, and we thought that the only drawback of this system would be that it would rust. That's not the case, fortunately. We've had it for 2 years now and it works like a champ, just like the first day we installed it. We clean out the vacuum once a week and just pop off the bag and throw it away. It's that easy. Love the suction.

Sincerely, Pat B., Las Vegas NV

Dear Thinkvacuums,

I wanted to share my experience with owning 3 vacuums in the past that didn't give me good service. One was a Hayden bagless vacuum and the other 2 were Nutones. All 3 didn't last much more than 8 months, and all 3 of their motors burned out. I came to find out that these are "home" vacuums and not industrial strength. Stupid me, the old saying "penny wise, pound foolish" sure applies in my situation. It's like trying to cut hair with cheap scissors. This is my 3rd time ordering from you and I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided, as well as your technical staff assisting us on our 2nd salon vac which was installed 2 months ago. Your serviceman Scott is great.

I'd recommend this product to anyone in the industry, I actually found your product through my pet grooming store. When I saw it working I had to have it. Again, I want to thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks, John S., NV

Dear Iris,

Thanks for the great recommendation on the Salonvac vacuum. I needed something for my store (I manage a Supercuts) that wouldn't clog and burn out like my last few vacuums but I never thought of a central vacuum before, the rest were just regular ones. Iris told me about this central vacuum system, that it was designed specifically for salons and such and that sold me. Had it installed in about a day or so and it's been running like a champ since, it's excellent.

Thanks so much, Steven R., MA

Dear Thinkvacuums,

We bought your salon vacuum a couple of months ago. Reading these other testimonials, I thought "how could a product be so good?". When I got it, I found out that it actually was that good. My girls tap the little toekick and then the suction comes on, I don't even have to sweep right up to it the suction is so strong it gets anything within a few inches of it. The unit is located in our kitchen area in the back of my store, and we can barely hear it when it's on.

Every hair salon should get this. What a great invention. I'll tell anybody how great it is. You guys were very helpful and you sell a great product. The power's amazing.

Thanks, Casper H., NYC

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