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Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case

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Designed for cleaning exquisite items and collectibles throughout your house, the Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case is also perfect for all your complex woodwork, computers and other electronic accessories. With the Micro Hose and its combination crevice tool/dusting brush, this set extends its use by including an extension crevice tool, extension dusting brush and angled crevice nozzle. All of this and a convenient easy to locate hard carrying case so that they are always within reach. This set is perfect for all Miele Vacuums.
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Read about the Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case

Many people surrender to the smallest dust particles hidden in the most unreachable corners of their home because they are not equipped properly for that kind of cleaning challenge. However, this can no longer be an excuse because Miele provides them with a solution. They offer them the Miele Micro set of attachments, which is the ultimate package for detail cleaning.

Included Items - Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case

Micro Crevice Tool
Micro Crevice Tool for the Miele SMC20 Microset Accessory CaseExcellent precise cleaning tool for cleaning stereo equipment, tiny toys or keyboards. As well as other areas.
Micro Dust Brush
Micro Brush Tool for the Miele SMC20 Microset Accessory CaseA precise cleaning nozzle perfect for sensitive computer parts.
Micro Angled Crevice Tool
Micro Angled Crevice Tool for the Miele SMC20 Microset Accessory CaseThis is very useful for cleaning the areas behind the books in a bookcase.
Micro Connection Hose
Micro Connection Hose for the Miele SMC20 Microset Accessory CaseThe best suited tool for delicate types of jobs, is the retractable brush fitted on the hose because its more rigid bristles manage to take out the debris from the seams and keys.

The accessories included in the Miele Micro set of attachments share one very important feature: they operate delicately to remove the dust settled in delicate areas. Whether it is stereo equipment, tiny toys or keyboards one has to clean, these attachments provide the services they need and accomplish their mission. Moreover, they work with any type of vacuum cleaner manufactured by Miele. The first impression is always very important, which is why the first impression these accessories leave is anything but fleeting. They come in a very durable case which does not exceed a laptop in size. However, what counts more is what exactly this case contains.

This set of attachments launched on the market by Miele has four detail-oriented accessories. These are: a micro hose fitted with a dusting brush as well as a crevice tool, an extension crevice tool, an angled one and an extension dusting brush. These tools deliver exceptional results when cleaning books and computers, among many others. In fact, the results delivered by this set of attachments when it comes to cleaning computers are unmatched.

One who wants to clean the circuit board and other more sensitive computer parts should replace the retractable brush with the soft extension dusting brush for better protection. The bristles on this brush are so gentle that there is absolutely no risk of scratching the components and thus of harming the entire system. Further adjustments can be made on the suction for the power needed to pull in cobwebs, for instance, differs from the one needed to extract dust from various computer parts.

As for the larger crevice tool, this is very useful for cleaning the areas behind the books in a bookcase. Lots of dust usually settles back there and few people bother to clean it out as it is less dangerous and uncomfortable than the one settled in other more exposed areas of the house. The same principle can be encountered with mementos, some people preferring to leave them untouched for very long periods of time in order to avoid damage risks.

Detail cleaning is the nightmare of all homeowners because it is very time-consuming and very tiring as well. Moreover, it cannot be done with just any kind of equipment. Specialized accessories are required. The Miele Micro set of attachments relieves them from all this pressure, providing a time-saving solution to a usually very complicated problem – the countless stubborn micro dust particles around the house.

The Miele SCD10 Cat & Dog Accessory Case Fits the Following Miele Canister Vacuums

  • S2121 Capri
  • S2121 Delphi
  • S2121 Olympus
  • S2181 Titan
  • S4210 Capella
  • S4210 Carina
  • S4210 Sirius
  • S4212 Neptune
  • S4212 Polaris
  • S4580 Luna
  • S4582 Eclipse
  • S4780 Orion
  • S5211 Ariel
  • S5281 Callisto
  • S5281 Libra
  • S5281 Pisces
  • S5381 Gemini
  • S5381 Leo
  • S5481 Earth
  • S5981 Capricorn
  • S6270 Onyx
  • S6270 Quartz
  • S6270 Topaz
  • S8380 Cat & Dog
  • S8390 Calima
  • S8390 Kona
  • S8590 Alize
  • S8590 Marin
  • S8990 UniQ

Specifications of the Miele SMC20 MicroSet Accessory Case

  • Weight (lbs) 3.0000

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