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Miele STB205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush Black

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The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by air, which is drawn through the head to loosen dirt and to collect any fluff and hair. For use with S500-600 series canister vacuums.
  • Cleaning Path (Inches) 11.00
  • Includes Protective Bumper? Yes
  • Color Black
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Read about the Miele STB205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush Black

Miele STB 205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush 

The choice of an efficient and reliable floor tool is often overwhelming because the market has so many of them to offer. However, each model has a little something which makes it more reliable and more efficient than the rest of the models available or a mechanism which improves the overall performance significantly. For instance, as its name suggests, Miele's STB 205-2 air-driven turbobrush uses the air produced by the vacuum cleaner for better results.

The secret with this air-driven turbobrush and all the other similar attachments made by Miele is that they use the suction of the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt settled in a carpet. However, this dirt is loosened at first and only then collected by the air which circulates through the head. The STB 205-2 air-driven turbobrush is quite aggressive in that it can remove any trace of pet hair stubbornly embedded into the carpet or furnishings around the house, which is a feature highly sought after by pet owners. Low and medium pile carpets are the favorite surfaces of this turbobrush equipped with hard and rigid bristles and a revolving brush.

More benefits for the Miele STB 205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush

The components of this turbobrush make it very convenient and reveal Miele's strategy of always fulfilling their customers' expectations. The brush roll mounted on this attachment is 11 inches wide and, as mentioned earlier, it is driven by the air produced by the vacuum cleaner, so its efficiency defines it as a component. Miele is known to care for their customers' floors and take all precautions necessary for them not to suffer any damage during vacuuming. In this case, this precaution lies in the buffer strip surrounding the attachment. It does not make much of a difference whether the surface that requires vacuuming is hard or not because the brushes protect it against scratches and scuffs. Also, the roller wheels are made of rubber because this material is not a threat to the surface and its condition. In front of these two wheels, there is a squeegee strip which directs the dirt and dust toward the brush roll for easier cleaning.

The suction produced and used for sweeping away the dust and dirt can be adjusted whenever necessary. Hard floors usually require less suction. This feature best proves its usefulness on rugs. Overall, the STB 205-2 air-driven turbobrush can fulfill any restoration or cleaning task that involves a low or medium pile carpet with a light density. It just needs to be fitted on a canister vacuum cleaner of the S2, S3, S4, S5 or S6 series. These are the appliances this attachment supports or rather the ones it is supported by.

It is very important to differentiate this turbobrush from the other two models, the STB 205 turbobrush and the STB 205-3 turbobrush, because each of them is designed differently and recommended in different situations. All in all, the STB 205-2 air-driven turbobrush is highly recommended for all the reasons mentioned above, its set of features guaranteeing its reliability and performance on carpets with light densities.

Specifications of the Miele STB205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush Black

  • Cleaning Path (Inches) 11.00
  • Includes Protective Bumper? Yes
  • Color Black

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