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Miele CareCare Accessory Case

Miele CareCare Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

MSRP: $158 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 09060330
  • Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10)
  • Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short)
  • Flexible, Compact Hand Turbobrush (STB 20)
  • Universal Brush (SUB 20)

Miele CareCare Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

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Miele CareCare Accessory Case Description

Clients are hardest to satisfy when it comes to their personal belongings and spaces, such as their car. Of course, the reasons behind this kind of thinking are clear, so vacuum manufacturers only have one option: to provide the best attachments for their customers and exceed their expectations. Miele’s proposition, for instance, is the Miele car care set of attachments, a collection of topnotch attachments that can clean the interior of a car like no other attachments can. It contains just the right tools for such a job where the demands are very high.

Included Items - CareCare Accessory Case

  • Miele SFS 10 Suction Hose ExtensionSuction Hose Extension (SFS 10) - Excellent tool for cleaning stairs, car interiors or other areas that require a long reach from the vacuum. Extendable up to 5 ft for an unmatched operating radius. For straight suction, non-electric canister vacuums.
  • Miele SFD 20 Flexible Crevice ToolFlexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short) - Effortlessly reaches into and cleans awkward, narrow spaces, around furniture and appliances. This flexible crevice nozzle bends easily and cleans efficiently with a reach of 14 in.
  • Miele STB 20 Flexible Compact Hand TurbobrushFlexible, Compact Hand Turbobrush (STB 20) - Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpet and delicate upholstery, this tool can remove crumbs and pet hair from your furnishing and car seats with ease.
  • Miele SUB 20 Universal BrushUniversal Brush (SUB 20) - With soft bristles and a swiveling neck, this universal brush is perfect for cleaning dashboards and vents as well as moldings, bookshelves, mantles, and ceiling fans.

The Miele Car Care set of attachments includes a number of four impeccable tools, namely a suction hose extension, a flexible compact hand Turbobrush, a flexible crevice tool and, finally, a universal brush. To take them one by one, the SFS 10 suction hose extension, which can only be fitted on non-electric hoses, expands the cleaning radius of a vacuum cleaner to up to five feet, thus being ideal for cleaning car interiors as well as stairs and other such demanding areas. This is the tool one needs for detail cleaning and that is exactly what cleaning the interior of a car is all about.

The STB 20 Turbobrush follows in the footsteps of the hose extension in terms of quality, also making a very good impression on carpets and upholstery and reaching the smallest places. The secret behind this handheld tool is its beating action, its agitator being engaged by the airflow. Built at a right angle, the STB 20 Turbobrush can be configured to reach different levels of versatility, which makes it even more convenient. Moreover, it features a button in its central part which exposes the inner wheel when pressed, thus allowing the user to remove any dirt that might affect the efficiency of the tool. Although it is not as large as the STB 101 brush, this one delivers the same satisfactory results.

Another component of the Miele Car Care set of attachments is the SFD 20 Short crevice tool, which is flexible enough to reach into the weirdest crevices and remove all the dust and dirt there. This tool is perfect for cleaning under and between the seats and other spots that are usually very hard to reach, such as the side areas.

Finally, the set is completed by the SUB 20 universal brush, which ensures maximum protection of the surfaces it comes into contact with thanks to its soft bristles. The gentleness of the bristles and the maneuverability of the swivel neck make this brush the ideal weapon against the dust settled in the dashboards, panels and vents of one’s car, as well as an ideal scrubbing tool. It provides all-round cleaning, therefore being a great addition to the pack.

All in all, the Miele Car Care set of attachments is a complete pack that contains the perfect tools for cleaning the interior of a car. Its usefulness and value are remarkable and they come for a very reasonable price, so it is one of the wisest choices one can make when it comes to maintaining their car properly.

The Miele CareCare Accessory Case Fits Miele Canister Vacuums

  • S4210 Sirius
  • S4212 Neptune
  • S4212 Polaris
  • S4580 Luna
  • S4582 Eclipse
  • S4780 Orion

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