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Miele Cat & Dog Accessory Case

Miele Cat & Dog Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

MSRP: $158 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 09060340
  • Mini Turbobrush (STB 101)
  • Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short)
  • Hygiene Cap (SHV 10)
  • Active Air Clean Filter (AAC 50)

Miele Cat & Dog Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

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Miele Cat & Dog Accessory Case Description

There is something very pleasant and convenient about raising pets, but much of that seems to be lost when the time comes to clean the house and remove all those stubborn pet hairs. As a matter of fact, pet hair is the biggest problem of any pet owner, so they need the best equipment to eliminate this problem once and for all. The vacuum manufacturer Miele provides a solution to this problem by putting the Miele Cat & Dog set of attachments at the disposal of pet owners around the world.

Included Items - Cat & Dog Accessory Case

  • Miele STB 101 Mini TurbobrushMini Turbobrush (STB 101) - Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery, this tool can clean high-traffic stairs and remove crumbs and pet hair from your furnishings with ease.
  • Miele SFD 20 Short Flexible Crevice ToolFlexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short) - Effortlessly reaches into and cleans awkward, narrow spaces, around furniture and appliances. This flexible crevice nozzle bends easily and cleans efficiently with a reach of 14 in.
  • Miele SHV 10 Hygiene CapHygiene Cap (SHV 10) - Feautres active charcoal pellets that enable the canister vacuum to be stored separately from the suction hose while retaining odors and unpleasant smells.
  • Miele AAC 50 Active Air Clean FilterActive Air Clean Filter (AAC 50) - Perfect for pet owners, this filter combines Air Clean technology with an active charcoal cassette that neutralizes and absorbs odors.

All the accessories included in this set – the mini turbo brush, the crevice tool, the Active Air Clean filter and the hygiene cap – are ideal for more delicate cleaning jobs such as pet hair and odor removal, eliminating all the problems afferent to pet ownership. First of all, the STB 101 mini turbo brush included in the Miele Cat & Dog set of attachments features a small agitator which is activated via the airflow. The action of this agitator recommends it for use on stairs, upholstery surfaces and other places and surfaces where pet hair may settle. This agitator blows the pet hair into the air, which is then sucked in by the vacuum cleaner and thus removed permanently. The performance of the STB 101 turbo brush is more than convincing, even more so if compared to that a regular upholstery tool.

There is also a crevice tool in this set of attachments, a crevice tool whose flexibility solves many of the cleaning problems one may be faced with. This is an SFD 20 Short model and it is perfect for removing any kind of debris, not just pet hair, from furniture and car crevices, upholstery and the areas around the different appliances in the house.

Probably the most efficient tool in the Miele Cat & Dog set of attachments is the Active Air Clean filter, this being the actual accessory that captures the pet hair in one’s home. Miele’s initial proposal in terms of filtration was the Super Air Clean filter, but they managed to upgrade it for better filtration results. Thus, they introduced the Active Air Clean filter, which lasts for about one year. The AAC filter keeps the main features of its predecessor, but it has an additional charcoal cassette designed to remove the odors. The air becomes 99.95% cleaner when the Active Air Clean filter is used, all particles that exceed 0.5 microns being immediately absorbed by it.

Last but not least, the SHV 10 hygiene cap allows the disconnection of the suction hose from the vacuum cleaner while maintaining the odor removal properties of the appliance thanks to its active charcoal pellets.

All these tools prove that the Miele Cat & Dog set of attachments helps achieve total control over pet hair and odors, thus saving pet owners a lot of time and energy. This pack may leave room for contradictory opinions as far as the price is concerned, but not as far as the value of the accessories included in it goes. The Cat & Dog set of attachments offered by Miele is an absolute guarantee from this point of view.

The Miele Cat & Dog Accessory Case Fits Miele Canister Vacuums

  • S4210 Sirius
  • S4212 Neptune
  • S4212 Polaris
  • S4580 Luna
  • S4582 Eclipse
  • S4780 Orion

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