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Miele HomeCare  Accessory Case

Miele HomeCare Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

MSRP: $158 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 09060350
  • Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10)
  • Mattress Tool (SMD 10)
  • Extra Wide Upholstery Tool (SPD 10)
  • Universal Brush (SUB 20)

Miele HomeCare Accessory Case

Our Price: $150.00

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Miele HomeCare Accessory Case Description

The cleanliness of a home can be preserved for a very long time if the right vacuuming tools are used. The German manufacturer has been inspired enough to put together a set of attachments especially for those who are highly concerned with the cleanliness of their home. They put together the Miele Home Care set of attachments, thus teaching all vacuum manufacturers a lesson of efficiency and commitment to the client.

Included Items - HomeCare Accessory Case

  • Miele STB 101 Mini TurbobrushSuction Hose Extension (SFS 10) - Excellent tool for cleaning stairs, car interiors or other areas that require a long reach from the vacuum. Extendable up to 5 ft for an unmatched operating radius. For straight suction, non-electric canister vacuums.
  • Miele SMD 10 Mattress ToolMattress Tool (SMD 10) - This wide, flat nozzle lets you reach between mattress and bed frames to clean every last bit of dust and debris.
  • Miele SPD 10 Extra Wide Upholstery ToolExtra Wide Upholstery Tool (SPD 10) - This extra wide cleaning tool easily and quickly removes stubborn pet hair, lint and dirt from upholstery and curtains.
  • Miele SUB 20 Universal BrushUniversal Brush (SUB 20) - With soft bristles and a swiveling neck, this universal brush is perfect for cleaning dashboards and vents as well as moldings, bookshelves, mantles, and ceiling fans.

All the cleaning sets offered by Miele consist of four very good and convenient tools. The first one if the SFS 10 suction hose extension, which reduces the discomfort caused by cleaning stairs and other areas that require great flexibility from both the vacuum cleaner and its user. This 10 suction hose extension achieves this goal, providing the user with five feet worth of additional reach, but it is only compatible with non-electric hoses.

Most packages include an upholstery tool, too. So does the Miele Home Care set of attachments. However, there is something special about the one included in this set. It is extra wide, which also means that it is more time effective than other such tools. Its increased cleaning path eliminates the dust and the rest of the debris that settles on curtains and upholstery within a much shorter period of time.

Mattresses also need to be vacuumed from time to time, so Miele added a mattress tool to the Home Care set. This is the ideal tool for cleaning the spaces between the bed and the mattress, where significant amounts of dust always huddle. Besides, it is always difficult to reach those deep spots, so one needs a tool specially designed for this kind of job, a very small tool, in order to defeat the dust monster hidden under the mattress.

These specialized sets of attachments usually have four components. With the Miele Home Care set of attachments, the fourth component is an SUB 202 universal brush equipped with a very practical swivel neck and very soft bristles. The former allows one to reach around the bookshelves, for instance, to clean the ceiling fans, the moldings and other sharp-cornered things in their home. The SUB 202 universal brush can be trusted to clean even the places that out of sight yet not out of reach, such as the top of a fridge or that of a piece of furniture. The regular dusting brushes usually have difficulties cleaning the dust on those rather unreachable surfaces.

All in all, the Miele Home Care set of attachments is a highly convenient package, all its components being extremely versatile and able to defeat whatever amount of dust they are faced with. Buying this package is probably the best way one can prove how much they care about their home and even about their health, these four accessories helping to make their living environment much safer than before by removing all the foreign particles in the air that may trigger allergies or asthma attacks.

The Miele HomeCare Accessory Case Fits Miele Canister Vacuums

  • S4210 Sirius
  • S4212 Neptune
  • S4212 Polaris
  • S4580 Luna
  • S4582 Eclipse
  • S4780 Orion

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