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Miele SBB 235 Smooth Floor Brush

Miele SBB 235 Smooth Floor Brush

DISCONTINUED Replaced with SBB235-3

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Item Number: 07319190
Perfect for tiled and other textured smooth floors, this attachment uses two soft runners to glide seamlessly across the surfaces, whilst removing even the smallest dust particles from all gaps and grooves. For use with S200-400 series canister vacuums.

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Miele SBB 235 Smooth Floor Brush Description

Various accidents can happen during vacuuming and the surfaces that need cleaning do not always remain unharmed. This is why it is very important to use tools that are specially designed for that particular surface that needs vacuuming. There are tools specially designed for cleaning hard floors, tools specially designed for cleaning delicate floors, tools specially designed for cleaning smooth floors and so on. One of the tools of the latter category is the Miele SBB 235 smooth floor brush and it is one of the best ones too.

The Miele SBB 235 smooth floor brush is ideal for tiled smooth floors and textured smooth floors which it cleans of dust and dirt without causing any damage. The risk of there being any dust particles or dirt left on a surface after vacuuming it with this floor brush is very low and that of finding any dirt scratches on it is even lower. The high efficiency rate of this tool is due to the two rows of synthetic bristles which clean the dust and dirt within a radius of 11 inches. As far as the protection of the floor goes, the bristles are soft enough not to cause any scratches and so are the rubber wheels which glide on the surface without leaving any marks along the way.

More benefits for the Miele SBB 235 Smooth Floor Brush

This smooth floor brush proves that small things can achieve great results too for its size does not predict any of the greatness in cleaning it can achieve. The Miele SBB 235 smooth floor brush measures only 11.8 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches and weighs 13.4 ounces, but its measurements are irrelevant to its performance. Moreover, this performance can be achieved on more than one vacuum cleaner as its design makes it suitable for different S1, S2 and S3 vacuum cleaners. These series contain the upright vacuum cleaners, canister vacuum cleaners and stick vacuum cleaners Miele has manufactured so far.

The features of the Miele SBB 235 smooth floor brush have gained it quite some popularity among consumers everywhere. It fits quite a large number of vacuum cleaners made by its manufacturer, it is very attentive to the surfaces it cleans and it has a very high efficiency rate. All these things make it a very inspired purchase. In addition to this, its price is also very convincing too.

All in all, the SBB 235 smooth floor brush is a top product made by Miele, a tool which has been tested and improved to provide high quality cleaning services. It complies with the Miele slogan and takes floor care to a new level. It cleans every gap, crevice or corner one may have to clean and it keeps the floors intact, so it does its job perfectly. It matches a large selection of vacuum cleaners and cleans surfaces of various textures and densities. So it is a complete attachment that complies with Miele’s standards as well as with those of their customers.

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