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Miele SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor

SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor

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A mixture of polyamide and natural hair provides a gentle cushion, ensuring that tile, wood and other surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with extreme care. Equipped with a 90 rotation, the Parquet Twister is exceptionally agile. For use with S2000-8000 series canister vacuums.

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Sale Price: $69.00

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Miele SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Description

The expectations of Miele’s clients seem to be rising all the time. However, this is only a response to the high quality they have accustomed them to. Each new product of theirs seems to be a bit more efficient, versatile and agile than the previous one and this has raised the confidence of consumers across the globe in this brand. This permanent desire to meet their expectations and needs has led to the creation of the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush.

The SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush is the older brother of the 400-3 and 500-3 floor brushes made by Miele, but its age has nothing to do with its cleaning potential, which is just as great as that of its younger brothers. The attention to details the Germans are recognized for can easily be noticed here for every single part of it is designed to maximize its efficiency.

More benefits for the Miele SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floor

The brush roll, for instance, poses no risks to the surface it cleans. The brush strips on the edges have a cleaning radius of 12 inches, thus shortening the cleaning times significantly. The bristles are made from both natural hair and polyamide, the combination of the two ensuring the level of gentleness a good floor brush should have but without compromising its durability. The path into the nozzle is cleared by the notches in the brush strip found on the front, this feature making this floor brush extremely advantageous for those who have uneven stone floors to clean. Of course, there are many more surfaces this floor brush can clean, the list starting with tile floors, hardwood floors and linoleum and ending with laminate floors. The position of the nozzle is in no way affected by that of the wand, which can be vertical, horizontal or angled.

A lot of attention is paid to the maneuverability of the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush too, the swivel neck and the low profile increasing its agility and allowing it to sneak in tight spaces and around corners. Thus, there is no need to avoid the table legs, beds and chairs around the house anymore. Some of the similar tools made by Miele do not feature this swivel neck, so they are a bit more difficult to maneuver and therefore they may leave a few traces of dust behind.

The design of this floor brush also considers its compatibility with various Miele vacuum cleaners. The elbow of the tool features a tab which matches the S2, S4 and S5 models, more exactly all the canister and upright vacuum cleaners made by Miele. There are no special compatibility problems when it comes to wands either. With such a wide range of compatible models, the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush is a very valuable asset for the pretentious users of vacuum cleaners who seek agility as well as high efficiency levels with their appliances. Miele has always tried to find out what their expectations are and to respond to them with the best appliances and tools. One of the results is the SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush.

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