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Miele SBD 265 Classic Combination Floo

SBD 265 Classic Combination Floor Tool

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Ideal for all smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting. Easily transition from smooth floors to carpeted surfaces with a quick click of the rocker switch. For use with S200-400 series canister vacuums.

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Sale Price: $69.00

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Miele SBD 265 Classic Combination Floo Description

There is an ideal tool for every kind of surface and there are tools that can fulfill multiple cleaning tasks. Miele created the SBD 265 classic combination floor tool for those practical consumers who think beyond the cleaning results and also pay attention to details such as time effectiveness, for instance.

The advantage of combination floor tools over other cleaning accessories is that they can perform on more than one surface, so they are more practical and convenient. This particular model, for instance, can clean both solid floors and carpets, the switch from one mode to the other being made via a rocker switch which is very easy to use. It only takes the click of a button and the tool automatically adjusts to the consumer’s cleaning needs. Low and medium pile carpets are preferred, the density or type of carpet being irrelevant to the overall performance of the combo tool.

More benefits for the Miele SBD 265 Classic Combination Floo

The SBD 265 classic combination floor tool is compatible with the majority of Miele vacuum cleaners for it requires no additional belts or motor-powered brushes. It is compatible with the S140 and S195 upright models launched by this manufacturer, with the S2 series of vacuum cleaners as well as with the S300 and S456 models. In other words, it can be fitted on all the stick, upright and canister vacuum cleaners in the Miele collection.

All Miele tools are designed to protect the surfaces they clean when cleaning them and this combination floor tool is yet another confirmation of this fact. The metal soleplate is smooth and gentle, so it eliminates all risks of scratches or damage. However, this aim to protect the surface cleaned does not affect the quality of the cleaning in any way, all surfaces being cleaned just as thoroughly regardless of their density of type. The dust and dirt are collected very efficiently by the thread grooves which cover a quite wide cleaning area. Moreover, its design allows it to clean areas other cleaning tools cannot reach. There is a tab on the elbow which secures the powerhead and thus increases the maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, a floor tool may not be enough to achieve the best cleaning results, the performance being enhanced significantly by a powerhead or a turbobrush. However, the choice of the floor tool is a decisive factor in the overall cleaning performance achieved by a vacuum cleaner.

The SBD 265 classic combination floor tool is more than just a practical choice. It is a wise choice for all those who pay very much attention to details, to the state of their house and to the environment they live in. Miele is known to create vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories for all consumers with all levels of expectation and all kinds of cleaning needs. This classic combination floor tool meets their needs, eases their job and therefore helps them achieve a higher level of comfort from all points of view.

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