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Miele SBD 650-3 AirTeQ Combination Flo

SBD 650-3 AirTeQ Floor Tool

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With streamlined airflow for uninterrupted floor contact, superior cleaning results and minimum energy use. Ideal for all smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting. For use with S2000-8000 series canister vacuums.

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Sale Price: $89.00

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Miele SBD 650-3 AirTeQ Combination Flo Description

Miele has always been renowned for their permanent attempt to launch innovative products on the market and indeed every new product they release seems to bring them closer to their customers and their needs. The SBD 650-3 AirTeQ combination floor tool is yet another of their innovations and their products that have made them very popular among consumers around the world.

Not only is the SBD 650-3 AirTeQ combination floor tool a Miele hallmark, but so is the AirTeQ technology. This system is based on the maximization of the airflow so that more power is produced to clean a surface. In other words, the airflow is streamlined and the tool does not leave the surface it cleans at any point. This accessory reaches its best cleaning performance on smooth floors and low pile carpets. The switch from one type of floor to another is easy as it can be with this tool which is equipped with a double rocker switch, one on the right side of the brush and one on its left side. Once the consumer steps on the button, the transition from one floor to another is complete and the settings are adjusted to meet the new cleaning needs.

More benefits for the Miele SBD 650-3 AirTeQ Combination Flo

This combination floor tool manufactured by Miele is compatible not only with more types of surfaces but also with a variety of vacuum cleaners that bear the Miele mark. All models of the S2, S4, S5, S6 and S7 series support the SBD 650-3 combo tool, so it is a product which addresses a very wide range of consumers. However, it is usually available separately, the only vacuum cleaner supplied together with this tool being the S8 Miele Alize model.

Most of the very powerful tools available on the vacuuming market also produce a lot of noise, but the SBD 650-3 AirTeQ combination floor tool is not one of them. Its reduced noise production is actually one of the features most appreciated by its users. This tool is also designed so as not to threaten the condition of the floor it comes into contact with at any time. The protection of the floor is ensured by a soft bumper strip. Its convenience is increased by a flexible hose which absorbs the dust and dirt most efficiently. Moreover, it has a swivel neck design which relieves the user from a considerable amount of effort in their attempt to clean less exposed or accessible spots around the house.

The SBD 650-3 AirTeQ combination floor tool has a lot of features that appeal to all users of vacuum cleaners everywhere who are thorough about the cleanliness of their home. It produces streamlined airflow, its suction power is significant and its design is also very convenient. Moreover, it is characterized by an impressive ease of use and versatility. Newly designed, this combo tool has a number of advantages over the previous attachments of this kind launched on the market by Miele which all guarantee a better cleaning experience.

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