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Miele SEB 213-2 Electric Powerbrush

Miele SEB 213-2 Electric Powerbrush

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The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by air, which is drawn through the head to loosen dirt and to collect any fluff and hair. For use with S500-600 series canister vacuums.

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Sale Price: $150.00

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Miele SEB 213-2 Electric Powerbrush Description

Anyone who has low to medium pile carpets in their home could use the SEB 213-2 electric powerbrush made by Miele to clean them properly and fast. Known to have many features in common with the SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush designed by the same manufacturer, this powerbrush can also be used on bare floors, where it delivers the same precise and astounding results as on carpets. In other words, it is a versatile tool that has gained the appreciation of consumers around the world with its remarkable features and high cleaning potential.

The SEB 213-2 electric powerbrush is a lot more efficient than combination floor tools when it comes to cleaning the dust and dirt embedded deep in carpets of any height or type. This also holds true for turbobrushes which are also inferior to this electric powerbrush from this point of view. Producing 0.5 amps of power and featuring a cleaning path 10 inches wide, this powerbrush is best suited for low to medium pile carpets. The power transition from the motor to the brush roll is ensured by a non-slip gear.

More benefits for the Miele SEB 213-2 Electric Powerbrush

The SEB 213-2 powerbrush shares a few features with the SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush, but the difference between the two is made by the external cord and the wand connector. The SEB 217-2 model has two tabs on the elbow for fitting into the park slots of various Miele vacuum cleaners whereas the SEB 213-2 model only has one such tab. The parking tabs match the S500i and S600i vacuum cleaners perfectly, whereas the head of this powerbrush is a perfect fit for Miele's S200i, S300i and S400i canister vacuum cleaners. As for the wand connector, the SEB 213-2 powerbrush features a two-way swivel one which matches any wand made of stainless steel provided with the canister vacuum cleaners made by Miele. The external cord of the SEB 213-2 powerbrush is plugged into the electric hose manually, the selection of compatible electric hoses including the SES 100, SES 105, SES 110 and SES113 models.

The floating head design allows the user to adjust the powerbrush to the height of their carpet while the swivel neck allows them to clean the most inaccessible places where dust or dirt may settle. With this powerbrush, the swivel mechanism is fitted at the hose end, which is not always the case, some swivel mechanisms being built into the hose inlet. The low profile of the SEB 213-2 electric powerbrush also contributes to its high maneuverability and practicality. Measuring only 2 1/2 inches in height, it can reach under any piece of furniture around the house and sweep all the impurities away from there, which is usually quite a demanding task.

All in all, the SEB 213-2 electric powerbrush manufactured by Miele is not only a highly maneuverable, powerful and practical cleaning tool, but also a highly resistant and durable one, all these features being tested by its manufacturer before its production. Therefore, it is a strong recommendation for all owners of low to medium pile carpets.

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