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Miele SEB 217-2 Electric Powerbrush

Miele SEB 217-2 Electric Powerbrush


Item Number: 05149520
Electrically-driven carpet tool with a 10" wide brush roll and floating head design. Swivel neck provides excellent maneuverability. For use with S500-600 series canister vacuums.

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Miele SEB 217-2 Electric Powerbrush Description

Miele is a German manufacturer that has accustomed consumers from all corners of the world to top quality tools and vacuum cleaners. The SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush is another of their top quality tools which have convinced everyone of the professionalism and precision characteristic of the Germans. Moreover, it proves that it is the small things that count and that every feature of a tool or appliance is equally important and must be improved for its overall performance to be better.

The SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush is mainly used for deep cleaning and the restoration of carpets. Low and medium pile carpets are the favorite types of surfaces of this highly efficient and maneuverable powerbrush which can be adjusted to any height of any carpet thanks to its floating head design. In fact, the maneuverability of this powerbrush is probably its most important feature. Vacuuming appears to be so much easier when this tool is used.

More benefits for the Miele SEB 217-2 Electric Powerbrush

The swivel neck it features relieves the pressure of having to clean hard-to-reach areas around the house because no area is actually hard to reach by this powerbrush. Whether it is a dusty spot under the furniture or a dirty spot around the table leg, the SEB 217-2 powerbrush can handle it and remove any trace of dust or dirt there. Moreover, it removes any traces of dust or dirt there may be within a radius of 11 inches and there is no risk of spreading it around like many similar brushes do. This 11-inch revolving brush pulls in the hair or dust directly, which is not what many other powerbrushes do. A large number of them twist it around, which leads to a reduction in the efficiency ratio.

The Miele SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush is a direct connect model, which means that the SET 220 telescopic wands and the electric hoses can be attached directly. Normally, the attachment of these parts requires the use of cords. Moreover, the powerbrush can be turned off at any time in case it is not needed for a particular cleaning job, the switch being found on the handle. Once the powerbrush is off, there is no need to change tools in order to clean smaller areas of the house, which is a huge advantage because it leads to major time savings.

It is known that a carpet can host twice its weight worth of dust and dirt, so the power of the electric brush is essential to the cleaning results obtained. The SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush produces 5 amps of power, so the double weight is not that big a challenge for it. The more power a powerbrush produces, the looser the dirt, so the easier it is to clean. High power is one of the features usually encountered with German products, but the Miele ones also stand out through their maneuverability, efficiency and thoroughness. The SEB 217-2 electric powerbrush made by this manufacturer makes no exception, its set of features leading to outstanding cleaning results.

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