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Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

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Advanced Filtration with the S179 Advanced Micron Filter. The S179 Advanced Micron Filter has a special purpose, to remove the harmful particles found in the air released by the motor of the vacuum cleaner it is mounted on. The traditional filtration system of the upright vacuum cleaner handles all the particles larger than 0.3 microns and the remaining ones are left to the Advanced Micron Filter. This filter has the ability to remove all particles that exceed one micron in diameter on a single pass.

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Sale Price: $209.00

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Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush Description

Vacubumper for Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

Miele is renowned for its marketing philosophy and their attempt to be "forever better". So far, all their products have proven that they do justice to this philosophy and that are worthy of bearing the Miele name. The "forever better" principle is once again reflected very clearly in the SEB 228 ElectroPlus powerbrush.

The SEB 228 ElectroPlus powerbrush is the perfect solution for restoring carpets and it handles all heights from low to medium and even plush beautifully. Every powerbrush is more comfortable on a particular surface. The SEB 228 model also prefers carpets, but it feels comfortable on all densities and types of carpets. It supports five different height adjustments and it is aggressive and consistent. Overall, it is right between the SEB 217-3 powerbrush and the SEB 236 powerbrush, both electric and highly efficient.

More benefits for the Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus Powerbrush

This new powerbrush proposed by Miele grasps all the dirt within a 14-inch radius, so it reduces the vacuuming times significantly. Time is a major problem nowadays, so it is important to save as much of it as possible whenever possible in order to stick to a certain agenda. Moreover, the Germans have always been precise and thorough about this sort of things, so it is almost natural for a German product to be highly efficient. However, the efficiency of a powerbrush does not lie in the width of its cleaning path only, but in its power too. Thus, the SEB 228 powerbrush has a 1.4 amp motor which is accompanied by a 12.5-inch brush roll that revolves as high speed and has a curvature to prevent any pet hair there may be in or on the carpet from escaping the brush roll. Naturally, the more powerful a powerbrush fitted on a vacuum cleaner, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner itself. The power is transported from the motor to the brush roll via a non-slip cog belt which does not stretch either.

All the features of a good powerbrush are tightly connected, so a highly efficient powerbrush should also be easy to maneuver. The SEB 228 ElectroPlus powerbrush is indeed for it features a special swivel neck which helps its finds it way around corners and furniture. The areas under the furniture can also be accessed very easily thanks to the 4.25-inch profile which can fit almost anywhere. The areas close to baseboards and edges can be cleaned very easily too thanks to the large edge cleaning channels.

All in all, the Miele SEB 228 ElectroPlus powerbrush is a very practical cleaning tool, one designed to avoid all the inconveniences that usually occur during vacuuming. It rarely clogs, it is extremely resistant and powerful enough, its bristles have a chevron configuration, it is easy to maneuver and adjust, it can be matched to the SET 210/220 wand models and the appliances of the S2, S4 and S5 series. In brief, it is a top quality cleaning tool designed to convince any user " no matter how demanding " that dust is not really as threatening as it is deemed to be.

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