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Miele STB 205 Air-Driven Turbobrush

Miele STB 205 Air-Driven Turbobrush

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The 11"-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by air, which is drawn through the head to loosen dirt and to collect any fluff and hair. For use with S200-400 series canister vacuums.

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Sale Price: $109.00

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Miele STB 205 Air-Driven Turbobrush Description

Turbobrushes are highly appreciated accessories in the vacuuming industry and they deserve to be because the cleaning results they deliver are simply impressive. In fact, their performance is quite unmatched when used on the right surfaces. Turbobrushes are preferable on carpets because they are designed to loosen the dirt first and then remove it much more easily than normally. Miele's STB 205 air-driven turbobrush uses the same principle, achieves the same impressive performance and is therefore worth considering as a cleaning accessory.

The STB 205 air-driven turbobrush best suits carpets of low to medium height and light densities which it can restore and clean impeccably. It simply leaves its print on the carpets it cleans and frees from dust and dirt. There are also a number of surfaces it is completely unsuitable for. These include uneven floors and variable floors, for instance, which are likely to get scratched when coming into contact with the turbobrush. Long pile carpets such as sheepskin ones are not recommended for this accessory either because their threads may get tangled in it and therefore be pulled out.

More benefits for the Miele STB 205 Air-Driven Turbobrush

Miele designed this accessory specifically for its S140-S160 vacuum cleaners, which are all stick vacuum cleaners or mini upright vacuum cleaners as they are also known. The brush roll on this turbobrush can make quite a significant difference in the cleaning results delivered by a vacuum cleaner with its width of 11 inches and its remarkable suction power. The brush roll is the component that produces the suction power the turbobrush then uses to pull the dirt from the carpets it is used on. Hard floors are also often cleaned with this accessory too but the suction demands are not as high as in the case of carpets.

The remarkable thing is that the suction power and overall strength of the STB 205 air-driven turbobrush do not jeopardize the floors it is used on at all, its design being irreproachable as far as the safety of the floor is concerned. The walls and furniture are safe too, this protection against scuffs being ensured by the buffer strip this turbobrush features. The rubber wheels have the same purpose and are just as efficient from this point of view. Last but not least, the absence of beater bars is also decisive, these components only being found on upright vacuum cleaners.

The efficiency of the STB 205 air-driven turbobrush is unparalleled too, all its features serving to improve the cleaning performance as much as possible, from the squeegee type strip which moves the dirt within the cleaning radius of the brush roll to the actual cleaning path of the brush roll. This accessory deserves even more recognition for the fact that it achieves this very high efficiency ratio without posing any threats to the state of the floor or surface, which is not something all these cleaning accessories can take pride in. For all these reasons, the STB 205 air-driven turbobrush is a real cleaning option.

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