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Compliment your Miele appliance with the right accessory. We carry all parts and accessories for Miele canister vacuums and Miele uprights. Shop replacement items such as Miele bags, filters, and hoses. Make cleaning easier with additional Miele floor tools & powerbrushes, great for both carpet and tile floors. We also have Miele small attachments for those hard to reach places, upholstery, and even tight crevices. If you’ve purchased a canister vacuum, look no further than a Miele accessory case for all your cleaning requirements. We also carry MieleCare Collection: Dishwasher Products to help maintain your kitchen appliances.

Miele Parts and Accessories – What It Takes for a House to be Clean

Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush List of All Miele Parts & Accessories

Every customer has their own standards when it comes to the cleanliness of their home and just as the requirements differ, the instruments needed to ensure this cleanliness also do. Fortunately, Miele puts a vast array of high-quality parts and accessories at their customers’ disposal so the chances of missing any dirt or dust when vacuuming are very low. All the Miele parts and accessories do the job they were designed to do wonderfully, so they are all very successful among vacuum users everywhere.

SUB 10 Universal Brush Miele Authorised Accessory Internet Dealer

Naturally, some of them need to be replaced from time to time or they may even need repairing. This is usually the case with brush rolls and powerheads, but this does not create any inconveniences at all. No cleaning job can be completed without the necessary tools, so a manufacturer has to be very careful with what exactly they offer their customers. Miele has always been and offered them all the tools a vacuum cleaner may need in order to perform beautifully.

SFD 20 Crevice Tool

The Miele parts and accessories include crevice tools, which make even the most inaccessible spots in the house easily accessible, and dusting brushes, which remove the dust anywhere it may be instead of spreading it all over the place, like many other similar accessories usually do. The level of cleaning reached by Miele’s vacuums is also one of the highest thanks to the Twister brush, which is designed to clean parquet and hardwood floors of various kinds. The Miele packages also include tools for cleaning upholstery, as well as turbo brushes (the STB 205 model) and various tools suitable for cleaning mattresses, for instance.

Miele SBD 450-3 Classic Combination Floor Tool

The Miele powerheads are among the most impressive parts offered by this manufacturer. They come in different styles and can handle different types of floors, such as carpets, hardwood floors or tile floors. The motorized versions are strongly recommended for carpet cleaning. The operation mode of a powerhead may appear to be very complicated, but it is very simple in fact. All the dirt is collected by the nozzle after it has been loosened by the brush roll, which performs a certain number of rotations per minute.

Changing Type U bags in a Miele S7580 Swing

Some of the powerheads offered by Miele can be adjusted to fit the carpet height and density, so their performance is much greater and they are much more convenient than conventional powerheads. The most powerful and efficient of all is the SEB 236 model, which can be found on the models fitted with an electric hose. The powerbrush is one of the models that need to be replaced from time to time in order for the vacuum to reach its maximum efficiency rate.

Some of the parts and accessories are chosen according to whether the powerhead is motorized or not. Thus, there are electric and non-electric wands. These can also be replaced or repaired, so they do not raise any maintenance problems either. In fact, none of the Miele parts and accessories raises any maintenance problems, probably because Miele is known to pay a lot of attention to details, so they always choose the best tool combinations for their appliances.