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Persil Color Gel

Persil Color Gel


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Item Number: PERSIL_GEL_COLORS_1.35L
Persil Color Gel is specially formulated to protect dark and bright colors, keeping them looking newer longer. Color Gel to clean and protect dark and bright colors, and all types of fabrics. It takes surprisingly little of this highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent to gently clean all types of washable fabrics.
Will Do 18 or more Loads of Laundry

Persil Color Gel


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Persil Color Gel Description

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Stubborn stains are not easy to remove and the problems are even bigger when it comes to color fabrics, the risk of colors fading with every wash being very high. This is why it is essential that a good laundry care product is used for such clothes. The Persil Color Gel laundry detergent is probably the best choice for washing bright color fabrics for it has no difficulties washing away even the deepest and most persistent stains. Thus, it proves once again that this brand deserves to be recognized as a specialist in bright colors.

Naturally, the better is a laundry care product, the smaller the quantity one needs to apply on a stain in order to remove it completely. A little heavy-duty Persil Color Gel laundry detergent can deliver quite astounding results on bright color and dark fabrics. However, the quantity to be applied varies depending on the stain. Moreover, this laundry detergent does not require warm water, its performance being equally high at any temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. Its formula is adapted to the washing requirements of bright colors, protecting them at every wash through the active stain dissolver. It is a biodegradable formula too, so it protects the environment too.

Gentleness is paramount with fabrics, especially with the most sensitive ones. This means that the detergent used must treat them very gently in order not to damage them and it is even better if it treats the environment gently too. Some laundry care detergents are formulated so that they protect the skin too, these being recommended for individuals with dermatological problems. However, all laundry detergents should be gentle on the senses too. The Persil Color Gel is, leaving behind a scent of freshness and cleanliness every time.

Of course, the gentleness of a detergent should not affect its performance, but performance is not an issue with this laundry detergent, which can also be used for the pre-treatment of stains. The unique luminosity formula, the absence of color faders or bleach, the discoloration inhibitor, they all protect the shades while washing dissolving any unwanted substances. One cap of detergent should suffice for one load, but once again, it all depends on the stubbornness of the stain. In addition to this, its formula is also selected so as to eliminate the risk of any possible limescale deposits.

The Persil Color Gel laundry detergent definitely stands up to Henkel’s standards, satisfying all the requirements of color fabrics. The clean scent, the wide water temperature range, the limescale protection formula, the discoloration inhibitor, the active stain dissolver – all these elements make for a highly effective and environmentally friendly laundry detergent designed to treat and pre-treat all kinds of stains that might appear on all kinds of dark or bright color fabrics. Available in 1.35 L or 1.5 L bottles, the concentrated Persil Color Gel laundry detergent maintains the brilliance of fabrics for very long periods of time.

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