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Persil Megaperls Color

Persil Megaperls Color


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Item Number: PERLS_COLOR_2.7KG
Contents: Persil Megaperls Color is specially formulated to protect dark and bright colors, keeping them looking newer longer.
Will Do 40 or more Loads of Laundry

Persil Megaperls Color


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Persil Megaperls Color Description

Germans are known to be very thorough when it comes to providing high quality products. Their dedication is once again proven by Henkel, the German manufacturer behind the Persil brand, whose products meet even the strictest laundry care requirements. Their range of heavy-duty products includes universal detergents, detergents specifically formulated for color fabrics and, last but not least, laundry care products for the most sensitive. The Persil Megaperls Color laundry detergent is yet another detergent which puts the user and their fabrics first.

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Bright and dark colors also need an ally in the laundry care domain because they are very sensitive and can easily fade, thus making for very unattractive fabrics. The purpose with dark and bright-colored fabrics is to have them look new for as long as possible and this requires a high quality detergent. The Persil Megaperls Color laundry detergent is that ally they need for its formula was chosen so that it protects that shine. There is no bleach or any brightener in its formula, which makes it safe for the fabric it is applied on. These two elements are replaced by a so-called discoloration inhibitor, which not only prevents the fading of the colors but also their bleeding into other fabrics or clothes. These features show why Persil products are deemed to be experts in bright-colored laundry.

Most second-hand detergents deteriorate the quality of the fabrics they wash, but this is definitely not the case with this particular cleaning agent. The Megaperls Color detergent acts very gently thanks to its high concentration, thus posing no danger to the condition of a fabric. Moreover, it is this high concentration that enhances its performance by acting on the stains only and not on the fibers like other detergents do. The gentle action is complemented by the action of the active stain remover, which lies behind the forever new look of a fabric that has been washed repeatedly. This cleaning agent can overcome any obstacle, may it be the deep embedment of a stain or a low water temperature of only 20 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the gentleness of this laundry care product reflects not only in the way it tackles stains but in its relationship with the environment too, the Megaperls Color detergent being a very environmentally friendly product, just like the other laundry care products available from Henkel. It is also friendly from an olfactory point of view, the fresh scent it emits delighting the senses for a significant amount of time.

All in all, the Persil Megaperls Color laundry detergent is a five-star laundry care product whose features have appealed to consumers worldwide for a very long time now and have convinced them about the German precision and the fact that it serves as a fundament in all domains, may it be laundry care or any other market. Fabrics need precision. They need the precision of a good cleaning agent and a well chosen formula which can maintain the illusion that they are new even if they are not.

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