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Persil Universal Powder

Persil Universal Powder


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Item Number: PERSIL POWDER 4.55KG
Contents: New Jumbo Size
Persil is a high-efficiency concentrated detergent used for all types of fabric.
It is recommended for whites, light colors and colorfast fabrics.
Will do 70 or more Loads of Laundry!

Persil Universal Powder


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Persil Universal Powder Description

Persil laundry care products are made so as to turn washing into a joy rather than a terrifying chore that must be done regularly, which is why the name of Persil is associated with the leading manufacturer of laundry care products. The Persil tradition dates back over one hundred years, which is more than enough time to discover the secrets of stains and therefore of washing. Persil aims to provide universal washing solutions, so one of their main products is the Persil Universal Powder laundry detergent.

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Henkel made the Persil Universal Powder detergent so that it can remove all stains, even the ones embedded deepest into fibers. Thus, the fabric remains spotless and, moreover, it gets a fresh scent which lasts for a whole day. This detergent also preserves the original aspect of for a very long time, regardless of their color. Persil detergents are known to be experts when it comes to bright colors, but their reputation precedes them when it comes to whites as well. The anti-graying formula in the Universal Powder laundry detergent adds to the stain remover which cleans deep into the fibers, the two leaving the clothes they wash as white as snow. In other words, the heavy duty cleaning agents, the oxygen-based bleach formulation, the active spot remover, they all work together to deliver dazzling results.

The Universal Powder laundry detergent is not recommended for silk, wool or other gentle fabrics, but it covers a quite vast temperature range. It can remove stains from fabrics at any temperature between 68 and 203 degrees Fahrenheit (i.e. 20 and 95 degrees Celsius). However, the fabrics mentioned earlier can easily be cleaned using other products in the Miele Laundry Care line. This powder detergent also has a built-in water softener which protects it from limescale. Moreover, it is formulated so that it does not cause any harm to the environment. It is the biodegradable formula that gives it this feature.

The Persil Universal Powder laundry detergent is supplied in different packs. Thus, a box of laundry detergent can be used for any number of washing rounds between five and eighty. Some packs include three boxes of detergent and therefore enough product for one hundred five loads. The new version of the Universal Powder detergent from Persil is now available in the new Jumbo Pack, which is suitable for white fabrics, colorfast fabrics as well as light-colored fabrics.

Persil has become the number one laundry detergent brand on the European market, a position it fully deserves and a position which has convinced Miele to import these laundry care products for the past years. The Persil Universal Powder detergent protects the look of fabrics, their color, their feel as well as the environment. Its formulation is the perfect weapon against any kind of stain or spot embedded deeply into fibers other than silk, wool or gentle fabrics and makes it one of the best Persil branded products made by the German manufacturer Henkel.

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