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Persil Megaperls

Persil Megaperls


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Item Number: PERLS_2.7KG
Contents: Persil Megaperls is high-efficiency, heavily concentrated detergent used for all types of fabric. It is recommended for whites, light colors and colorfast fabrics.
Will Do 40 or more Loads of Laundry

Persil Megaperls


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Persil Megaperls Description

The laundry detergent market has been successfully led so far by Persil, a German laundry detergent brand associated with high quality and cleaning consciousness. Their care for clothes, fabrics, the environment and their users is impressive and have all increased their success on the market. Persil proposes “pearly” cleaning solutions, the Persil Megaperls laundry detergent leading the way in their attempt to achieve great results in laundry or fabric care.

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The Persil Megaperls laundry detergent is set apart by its concentration as well as by its color-safe oxygen bleach which protects whites. Thanks to its anti-graying formula, there is no risk of fabrics turning grayer when washed with this detergent, regardless of their color. In fact, it will deliver its best results on light-colored and colorfast fabrics. The active stain remover will fulfill its task perfectly in all these situations and preserve the original look of the fabric it interacts with for a very long period of time. Furthermore, this detergent will leave a fresh and enchanting scent behind which will also last for quite some time. Similarly to all the other laundry detergents from Persil, the Megaperls laundry detergent guarantees superior laundry care for the fabrics it is specifically formulated for.

Another of the advantages of this laundry detergent is that its results are not conditioned by the water temperature. It washes fabrics perfectly even when dissolved in cold water. However, the optimum cleaning levels are achieved at temperatures varying from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Not many detergents can pride themselves on such a vast temperature range. The Megaperls detergent also prides itself on a vast array of compatible fabrics. In fact, it has no preferences. It is a universal product, a laundry care product which can work its wonders on all types of fabrics.

In addition to this, the Persil Megaperls laundry detergent is a great protector of the environment. However, this does not influence its status of heavy duty cleaning agent, which it shares with all the other Persil laundry care products. It is also a great protector of the washing machine, there being no limescale risks thanks to its integrated water softener. Therefore, its cleaning performance is impressively high while the risks are impressively low. And indeed, this is the way every laundry care product should work.

Henkel’s Persil Megaperls laundry detergent is a top-notch laundry care product whose washing power is unmatched. It is very compact, highly efficient and not at all pretentious, doing a very good job on all kinds of fabrics and covering a very wide temperature span. It is one of Persil’s best selling laundry care products, the reasons not being very difficult to grasp. Formulated to ensure the protection of white, light-colored and colorfast fabrics, this heavy-duty laundry detergent does not affect the original state of fabrics in any way. Thus, both the softness and the color of the fabric it washes will remain unchanged.

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