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Persil Megaperls Sensitive

Persil Megaperls Sensitive


MSRP: $27.99 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: Persil Megaperls Sensitive 1.08KG
Contents: Persil Megaperls Sensitive is specially formulated for people with allergies and sensitive skin. This detergent does not contain any dyes and works effectively to clean and protect your clothes.
Will Do 18 or more Loads of Laundry

Persil Megaperls Sensitive


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Persil Megaperls Sensitive Description

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The proper high quality laundry care product can make a huge difference when it comes to the perception of laundry care as a chore. Everybody knows that stubborn stains are very irritating in that they are very difficult to remove. Most detergents only remove them partially and, apart from that, they damage the fabric as well. Henkel and Persil propose a laundry care product which does not have any of these faults. The Persil Sensitive laundry detergent not only removes all stains and protects the fabric but it also protects the skin. It is also known on the market as the Persil Megaperls Sensitive laundry detergent.

The distinctive feature of the Persil Sensitive laundry detergent is its skin friendliness, this being a washing solution for anyone allergic to the substances usually contained in detergents of lower quality. It is also recommended for babies’ clothes and any individual who presents skin sensitivity. The protective nature of this detergent is due to the absence of perfumes or dyes in it, these harmful substances being replaced by components such as almond milk or aloe vera. Naturally, the protective nature of this laundry care product is seconded by a delicate scent emitted after every wash. This is another aspect the manufacturers of this product took care of, making sure that it could not trigger any undesired reactions in its users. The fragrance of the Persil Megaperls Sensitive detergent is suitable for sensitive skin individuals as well. This detergent has been tested dermatologically, so its protection of the skin is guaranteed by experts in the field.

There are no exceptions as far as the fabrics this laundry care product can wash are concerned. Whether one needs to wash a colorfast fabric, a light color one or a white one, they can rely on the Persil Megaperls Sensitive laundry detergent to carry out the job for them and very successfully indeed. The new look of the fabrics will be preserved by the active stain dissolver found among the molecules of this detergent. As for the aloe vera and the almond milk mentioned above, these allow for the washing of a fabric even at 20 degrees Celsius, in other words in relatively cold water.

The Megaperls Sensitive laundry detergent has a biodegradable structure, so it is extremely friendly to the environment. This environmental friendliness is supported by an outstanding friendliness to the fabric itself, its integrity being protected at all times, no matter how big or stubborn the stain. Experts in laundry care recommend that the Persil Sensitive laundry detergent is used together with the sensitive fabric softener offered by Perwoll for better protection of the fabrics.

All in all, the Persil Sensitive laundry detergent is both a cost effective and a highly efficient laundry care product which ensures the long-lasting protection of colors, releases a very pleasant scent in the air and prevents limescale deposits. In other words, it is a complete and compact washing product delivered in a box which contains enough powder for forty washing rounds.

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