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Persil Perwoll Intensive Black

Persil Perwoll Intensive Black


Item Number: BLACK MAGIC 1.5L
Contents: Perwoll Intensive Black is specially developed to gently clean and care for black and dark fabrics. It works to maintain the brilliance of your black and dark-colored clothing, cleaning effectively in the process as well.
Will Do 20 or more Loads of Laundry

Persil Perwoll Intensive Black


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Persil Perwoll Intensive Black Description

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Whether it is silk, wool or any other type of fabric, Perwoll proposes a suitable care product to remove any substances that may stain it. Their range of products is wide enough to meet the needs of all types of fabrics, no matter how gentle, and, more importantly, they are all equally efficient. The same coverage applies to colors as well, whites, colored fabrics and black fabrics being equally safe against stains. The Perwoll Intensive Black laundry detergent is one of the most popular of their products, its cleaning results being simply remarkable.

The Perwoll Intensive Black laundry detergent is designed to clean black fabrics of all kinds, from jeans to cotton and synthetic fabrics. The impressive thing about this laundry care product is that it washes stains completely, but it does not wash away the black color of a fabric, hence its name. They will always look as good as new if washed with this detergent, which is not something all detergents can achieve. They will always look as good as new as far as the condition of the fabrics is concerned because this detergent is very gentle. It does not remove stains at the expense of the fibers. This is where the brilliance of this laundry care product lies.

Known in the past as Perwoll Black and Darks, this laundry detergent is extremely concentrated and therefore a very effective washing solution. It does not contain any color additives, but it still manages to prevent dark colors from fading. In addition to this, its formula contains a few elements which act on the fibers of a fabric, smoothening them if they roughen. Whatever action this detergent takes, it is very gentle. Moreover, its impact on the environment is very gentle too. Even its impact on the senses is very gentle for every wash brings along a delicate scent. Therefore, not only the action mode is delicate, but everything about this laundry detergent really, this being one of the distinctive features of Perwoll laundry care products.

1.5 l of Perwoll Intensive Black laundry detergent is sufficient for about twenty loads, which proves exactly what results the concentration of this product can lead to. Of course, these quantities and results also depend on the water hardness and the degree of pollution. However, the measurements are all very accurate.

The Perwoll brand has always been associated with laundry care products of the best quality, whether for delicate or less delicate fabrics. Colors also have their delicacy in that they can easily fade if not protected by high quality detergents. Black is one of the most problematic colors from this point of view because any differences in shades are very obvious. Black is the color of style and elegance and true style and elegance can only be reached by wearing intense black clothes. The Perwoll Intensive Black laundry detergent guarantees this intensity and preserves it for much longer than many other similar detergents, even if used very frequently.

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