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Perwoll Wool & Delicates

Perwoll Wool & Delicates


Item Number: PERWOLL_LIQUID_1.5L
Contents: Perwoll is used for woolens, silks and delicates of any color. This detergent forms a cushion of lather, which counteracts the piling of
wool fibers.
Will Do 18 or more Loads of Laundry

Perwoll Wool & Delicates

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Perwoll Wool & Delicates Description

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Most clothes and fabrics deteriorate in time because of the low quality laundry detergents used to wash them, so these choices are very important. Perwoll by Henkel is a German manufacturer after all, so they leave nothing at random when it comes to their products. Their quality and precision are outstanding, so all clothes and fabrics washed with their products are completely safe. Perwoll launched a fine fabric care line which includes the Perwoll Intensive Black and White laundry detergents, the Perwoll Color detergent, the Perwoll Sport detergent for sports fabrics and, last but not least, the Perwoll for Wool and Delicates laundry detergent for the most demanding ones.

The Perwoll Wool and Delicates laundry detergent was formerly available on the market as the Perwoll Wool and Silk detergent and the Balsam Magic Laundry Soap for Fine Fabrics. However, the name does not bear too much importance for the quality of the product is high enough to persuade anybody. This laundry detergent is the solution to all the problems one can have with their silk or wool clothing items, may they need to be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Its formula contains substances which protect fine fabrics even if they act at great depth. Not all stains come out at the first attempt, so they demand more intensive care. This laundry detergent not only provides it, but does it very gently too.

This Wool and Delicates laundry detergent contains bamboo extract and fiber balm. These two substances stand behind the gentleness of this detergent and its protection of fine fibers, which remain supple and soft at all times when treated with it. The fiber balm is recognized as Care Balsam. The product contains no bleach and no optical brightener, which is a huge benefit not only for the fabrics but for the environment too. Whether it is viscose, cashmere, wool, silk or feathers, it is safe from all standpoints. Moreover, this safety also applies to the washing machines it is used with and to the washer’s skin as well, there being no risk of allergies or dermatological reactions.

One feels even more comfortable in their clothes if they smell good. In fact, the scent emitted by a laundry care product has proven to often be a decisive in people’s choices. Naturally since it tackles delicate fabrics, the Perwool Wool and Delicates laundry detergent also leaves a delicate scent trail behind, this being another of its luring features. Finally, there is also its efficiency. One liter of Perwoll Wool and Delicates detergent guarantees the cleanliness and protection of 28 kg of laundry. These calculations are based on loads of 2.5 kg and light pollution levels.

The impeccable results of the Perwoll Wool and Delicates laundry detergent are guaranteed by both the manufacturer and its users. Pleasant to smell and to touch, this product is everything sensitive fibers need on their side when washed for it leaves their beauty untouched and prevents their wear.

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