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Persil Kraft Universal Gel

Persil Kraft Universal Gel


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Item Number: PERSIL_GEL_1.168L
  • Size: 1.168 L
  • Loads: 16
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Persil Kraft Universal Gel


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Persil Kraft Universal Gel Description

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Henkel is acknowledged as a specialist in protecting bright colors, but they are also specialists in protecting whites. Their product list also includes highly efficient laundry care products for whites and light color fabrics. They also attack all types of stains no matter how deep into the fabric the foreign substances may penetrate. One of the products specifically designed to wash whites and light color clothes and fabrics is the Persil Universal Gel laundry detergent.

Persil Universal Gel Liquid Laundry Detergent
For whites, light-colors and colorfast fabrics
Persil Universal Gel Liquid Laundry Detergent
High-efficiency detergent

The Persil Universal Gel laundry detergent is a highly concentrated detergent that can be used on all fabrics, no matter how delicate or rough. As for the colors, this detergent is specifically designed to achieve ideal washing results on white, light color fabrics and colorfast fabrics, whose brightness it keeps without tackling them with any bleach. The secret lies in the anti-graying agent that acts at low temperatures as well as at high ones (i.e. 20 to 95 degrees Celsius). The unique luminosity formula is responsible with the removal of dirt particles, lime and other small and very small particles.

The formula of the Universal Gel detergent from Persil is optimized so that the washing performance attained is also optimal. The active stain remover ensures the complete removal of any stains that may penetrate into the fibers of a fabric. The formula also contains a limescale protection agent. In fact, it is the water softener that prevents the formation of limescale. The list of ingredients is complemented by those which release the pleasant scent which can be felt after every wash.

Although a heavy-duty washing product, the Persil Universal Gel laundry detergent does not exercise any pressure on the fabrics it comes into contact with. It operates as gently as possible, thus protecting the fibers from any kind of wear or damage. Not only does it not have any negative impact on the fabrics it washes, but it does not have any negative impact on the environment either, having a biodegradable formula. In other words, this laundry detergent is as gentle as a laundry care product can be. Moreover, it does not take massive quantities of this product to clean a fabric properly for it is highly concentrated. Once again, Henkel proves that it is the quality of a product that matters not the quantity.

The Persil Universal Gel laundry detergent is the equivalent of the Persil Color Gel laundry detergent for white, colorfast and light color fabrics of any kind. The two share a lot of ingredients and characteristics and cover equally wide ranges of fabrics. Proper laundry care can only be attained with proper laundry care products, so the Universal Gel detergent proposed by Henkel adds to the collection of top-notch laundry care products this manufacturer has accustomed everyone to. Able to reach deep into fabrics without damaging them, able to perform at various temperatures, able to keep white fabrics as white as snow for extended periods of time, it is a perfect choice for anyone who is constantly fighting against stubborn stains.

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