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Vernel Fabric Softener

Vernel Fabric Softener


Contents: New larger bottle size - 25% more! Vernel pampers you and your laundry with softness and fascinating fragrances!
Will Do Approx. 20 Loads of Laundry.
NEW - Fresh Morning - Larger Size, 1 Liter!

Vernel Fabric Softener


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Vernel Fabric Softener Description

Vernel is another of the laundry care product lines introduced on the market by the German manufacturer Henkel. Vernel is mainly known for their fabric softeners, which are available in both a standard version and a sensitive skin one – the highly concentrated Vernel fabric softener also known as Blue Sky and the Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener. In other words, these products address users with all levels of needs and requirements.

All Vernel laundry care products are formulated to add an extra soft touch and an extra touch of freshness to any fabric they are used for. They are also formulated to reduce the risk of wrinkle formation on delicate fabrics and therefore ease their ironing. The concentrated version of the Vernel fabric softener was initially launched on the market as the Vernel Blue Sky fabric softener. Later on, its name was changed into the Vernel Fresh Morning fabric softener. Today, this laundry care product is sold under the name of Vernel Fresh Day at the Sea fabric softener. Another change concerns the volume of the bottles, the latest solution chosen by Henkel being the 1 L bottle.

Experts recommend this fabric softener for a variety of reasons. One of them has to do with the fragrance. This product adds a soft scent to everything it touches, thus making the cleaning job a little more pleasant and the results even more enchanting. Another reason is that it also softens the fabrics it touches, whatever they may be. This softening effect makes the ironing much easier and therefore less time consuming and it also delights the senses.

All Henkel products are tested by expert dermatologists before being launched on the market for skin care is just as important for the German manufacturer as laundry care. Naturally, this fabric softener is not as skin care oriented as the Sensitive Skin fabric softener made by Henkel, but it still meets the highest dermatological standards. Furthermore, it meets the highest environmental standards for its formula is adapted to the needs of the environment. In other words, the Vernel fabric softener is designed not only for individuals with sensitive skin but for the sensitive environment as well.

This combination of characteristics has turned the Vernel fabric softener into the most popular laundry care product of the Vernel line, a status it fully deserves. The impressive feature of this product is not necessarily that it is formulated so as to deliver top cleaning results, but it also has a longer-lasting effect than many other fabric softeners released on the market by other manufacturers. It takes more than just a stain remover to ensure the protection of fabrics and their thorough and complete cleanliness. The softness of a fabric is also essential, especially if it is a sensitive one, and the softness of sensitive fabrics can only be maintained and increased by using a high quality fabric softener. The Vernel fabric softener is one of those high quality laundry care products.

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