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Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener

Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener


Contents: Pampers you and your laundry with softness and fragrance. Dermatologically tested, no colorants or preservatives, fresh almond and Aloe Vera fragrance will leave laundry with a long lasting clean and pleasant smell.
Will Do Approx. 20 Loads of Laundry.

Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener


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Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener Description

The precision and thoroughness specific to the Germans can also be encountered with Henkel, a manufacturer that considers all consumers out there and adapts their products to their needs. Some people have more sensitive skin and therefore cannot use just any kind of products. Henkel addresses those individuals too through their sensitive skin laundry care products. Their Persil, Perwoll and Vernel catalogs all include such products. With Vernel, that improved laundry care solution is the Vernel Sensitive Skin Fabric Softener.

The Vernel brand is actually associated with a series of fabric softeners, the main comparison being made between the concentrated fabric softener and the sensitive skin one. The aim of Henkel’s Vernel collection is to enhance the softness of clothes while also freshening up the air. Naturally, the softening of clothes and fabrics also has a positive influence on the ironing, the effort required for it being much lower thanks to the far fewer wrinkles that form after the use of this product. The range of fragrances proposed by Henkel for this fabric softener is quite impressive, this also being one of the reasons why their range of customers is also very wide. For instance, Vernel fabric softeners pamper their users with Wild Rose fragrances and Aroma Therapy fragrances, among others.

The formula of the Vernel Sensitive Skin fabric softener is adapted to the needs of people prone to allergic reactions or other dermatological conditions. It contains neither preservatives nor colorants, these two types of substances often triggering such manifestations. Itching and skin irritations are the most common reactions to laundry care products, but they are both prevented in this case. Some people cannot withstand the heavy fragrances left behind by other similar products, so the Sensitive Skin fabric softener from Henkel is ideal for them for its fragrance is very delicate. It leaves behind a delightful smell of aloe vera and almond which lasts in time and provides real comfort.

Moreover, its formula is highly concentrated, so excellent results can be achieved with very small amounts of product, which also makes this laundry care product extremely economical. One tablespoon of this fabric softener can perform real miracles. However, tests have proven that its concentration is not as high as with the American fabric softeners and this has proven to be a great advantage with many of its users. Some people choose to combine it with the Persil Sensitive laundry detergent, which is another very good laundry care product made by Henkel.

All in all, the Vernel Sensitive Skin fabric softener gives real pleasure while also being protective of the user’s skin. Its formula is unique and adapted to the needs of the most sensitive. In fact, it is adapted to everyone’s needs, this fabric softener being a real option for everyone who seeks extra softness in their clothes. The Vernel Sensitive Skin fabric softener offers just that as well as long-lasting fragrances, so it is a laundry care product which not only delivers great results but also allows one to enjoy nature.

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