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Hygiene and Cleanliness with Miele Small Attachments

No vacuum cleaner can achieve the best performance unless it is fitted with the best attachments. These attachments are selected according to the cleaning needs and the surfaces that require special attention during vacuuming, but fortunately the range of options is very wide. Every manufacturer launches their own series of attachments designed to stand up to various cleaning challenges and therefore so has Miele. In fact, Miele small attachments and floor tools have a strong reputation on the vacuuming market.

Small Attachments for Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery. Perfect for heavily-trafficked stairs Suitable for all Miele vacuum cleaners.
Price: $75.00
Miele SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

With soft bristles and a swiveling neck, this universal brush is perfect for dusting bookshelves, mantles, moldings, ceiling fans and sculptures.
Price: $39.95
Miele SPD 10 Extra Wide Upholstery

SPD 10 Extra Wide Upholstery

This extra wide cleaning tool makes easy and faster work of pulling stubborn pet hair, lint and dirt from upholstery and curtains.
Price: $29.95
Miele SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool

SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool

Excellent for reaching around furniture and appliances, this extended flexible crevice nozzle bends easily and cleans efficiently.
Price: $25.95
Miele SHB 20 Brush for Radiators and B

SHB 20 Brush for Radiators and B

The SHB 20 brush for radiators and blinds has a special shape which allows it to clean any finned surface.
Price: $25.95
Miele Mattress Tool (SMD10)

SMD 10 Mattress Tool

This wide, flat nozzle lets you reach between mattresses and bed frames to clean every last bit of dust and debris.
Price: $25.95
Miele SFD20 Extended Flexible Crevice

SFD 20 Flexible Crevice Tool

Excellent for reaching around furniture, this extended flexible crevice nozzle bends easily and cleans efficiently.
Price: $29.95
Miele Natural Bristle Dusting Brush

Natural Bristle Dusting Brush

With soft natural bristles, this tool cleans gently but effective delicate surfaces like sculptures or picture frames.
Price: $19.95
Miele STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush

STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush

Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpet and delicate upholstery, this tool can remove pet hair from your furnishing with ease.
Price: $65.00
miele SUB 10 Universal Brush

SUB 10 Universal Brush

Durable yet gentle, this universal brush features robust bristles to clean larger areas like bookshelves or ceiling fans.
Price: $29.95

Whether it is upholstery tools, crevice tools, radiator brushes or universal brushes, Miele small attachments determine a significant rise in the performance of all Miele vacuum cleaners. They are available at very affordable prices, they are all very convenient and efficient and they all fit a vast array of vacuum cleaners.

To start with the upholstery tools, the standard model features felt strips which make it ideal for cleaning pet hair and stubborn dust specks from sofas, car seats, chairs and other similar locations. There is also a wide version of this tool – the SPD 10 extra wide upholstery tool – which is designed to complete similar cleaning tasks but whose suction aperture saves the user from any unnecessary time consumption. Therefore, this second version is a better solution for those seeking time effectiveness in their cleaning tools.

The collection of crevice tools is also very generous, the standard crevice tool, the SFD 10 extended crevice tool and the SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool simplifying the process of removing dust and dirt from crevices and hard-to-reach areas considerably. Their increased flexibility gives them an advantage over many other similar attachments, but so do their dexterity and long reach, no crevice being inapproachable by these three crevice tools recommended by Miele and experts worldwide. The crevice tools can be fitted with radiator brushes in the event radiators or vents need to be cleaned. Actually, these radiator brushes can be used to clean any surface that supports the action of stiffer bristles. There is also a mattress nozzle in the Miele catalog – the SMD 10 mattress tool –, whose shape allows it to reach into the spaces between mattresses, drapes and other similar places.

The collections of Miele universal brushes and dusting brushes are also very generous, the SUB 10 universal brush and the SUB 20 flexible universal brush being highly configurable and performing greatly on shelves or any other overhead surface. They also have the features needed to clean doorways or crevices where the dust is too thick and stubborn and needs to be loosened in order to be removed. As for the dusting brush included in the collection of Miele small attachments, the SSP 10 natural bristle model is equipped with horsehair bristles which are ideal for cleaning surfaces that require
a gentle approach.

Each of these Miele small attachments has a well-established purpose and function and is designed to deliver maximum results even in the most difficult conditions. Moreover, together they form a cleaning arsenal that has the ability to remove any impurity that comes its way and has built a strong reputation around the Miele brand.