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Miele SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool

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Item Number: 07250050
Contents: Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with its impressive dimensions – 11.97 inches in height, 1.73 inches in width and 2.64 inches in length.

Miele SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool

Our Price: $25.95

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Miele SFD10 Extended Crevice Tool Description

Cleaning the dust in crevices is the main challenge people surrender to when it comes to vacuuming and this is mainly due to the fact that they are not equipped with the right tools. However, such cleaning tasks should not be so daunting anymore with the selection of crevice tools worldwide manufacturers’ offer today. Miele, for instance, forwards the SFD 10 extended crevice tool.

No narrow space appears to be too narrow for Miele’s SFD 10 extended crevice tool, so this is a top recommendation for all those tempted to give up on cleaning the spaces between their sofa cushions, the back side of their fridge or the areas behind the furniture. Car seats can be quite problematic too, but this is no longer the case if the vacuum cleaner used is fitted with this crevice tool supplied by Miele.

Miele usually ships their vacuum cleaners with a standard crevice tool, but the SFD 10 crevice tool is an extended version of the standard one, so its efficiency is higher. It measures 12 inches in length, so it guarantees that extra reach needed in the more delicate cleaning situations. The car care kits offered to vacuum users everywhere also include crevice tools, but it is usually the standard version that the manufacturer ships. The extended crevice tool is ideal for fitting on the canister vacuum cleaners made by Miele as well as on the upright ones of the S700 series. However, it cannot be fitted inside the appliances because of its additional length. The convenient thing about the crevice tools offered by Miele is that they can be fitted on a variety of models, so improvements can be made depending on the cleaning needs.

The SFD 10 extended crevice tool is made of plastic and therefore resistant enough for the type of cleaning tasks it has to fulfill. The plastic used for its construction may be rigid but it is flexible enough to give it the durability Miele aims for with all their cleaning accessories. Moreover, the extended crevice tool is constructed so that it cleans all the surfaces it comes into contact with as gently as possible. And indeed it can clean almost any crevice or corner in the house or apartment with its impressive dimensions – 11.97 inches in height, 1.73 inches in width and 2.64 inches in length.

All in all, the SFD 10 extended crevice tool manufactured by Miele proves that small things can conquer and achieve great things too. This very small cleaning tool has the features it needs to fight the dust and dirt that hide around corners and behind different objects in the house and only come out so stubbornly. Basically, its appeal consists in its high efficiency and versatility, which are even higher than in the case of the standard crevice tool offered by the same manufacturer. Available on the market since 2011, the SFD 10 extended crevice tool is one of Miele’s top vacuum cleaner parts.

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