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SFD 20 Flexible Crevice Tool

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Contents: Excellent for reaching around furniture and appliances, this extended flexible crevice nozzle bends easily and cleans efficiently. Suitable for all Miele vacuum cleaners.

Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool

Our Price: $29.95

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Miele Extended Flexible Crevice Tool Description

Crevices are usually perceived as the number one scare in vacuuming because they are very difficult to clean. However, there are a few very good specialized tools on the market which relieve some of that burden by offering an incredible performance. One of them is the SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool by Miele which joins the standard crevice tool and the extended crevice tool made by the same manufacturer in Miele’s attempt to change the perspective on this kind of cleaning.

The crevice tools made by Miele are very practical and convenient in that they can be fitted on a large number of appliances belonging to the German manufacturer. The SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool can be fitted on all Miele vacuum cleaners, may they be canister models or upright models. In other words, it can be fitted on any Miele vacuum cleaner that can support attachments. Therefore, Miele customers can no longer find excuses for not using this accessory to remove the dirt hidden in the crevices of their home. Whether it is the surface under different pieces of furniture or appliances or any other hard-to-reach surface around the house, this extended crevice tool can handle it and eliminate all traces of dirt settled on it. Lint is usually hard to clean too, but not with this Miele tool.

This crevice tool has a series of characteristics that strongly recommend it. First of all, it is twenty-two inches long, so its cleaning radius is very large, which makes it perfect for cleaning crannies and nooks that would be hard to clean using other tools, even other crevice tools. Second of all, it is made of plastic, so its durability is guaranteed, but it is not that rigid plastic consumers are used to, but a much more flexible version which prevents breaks. In fact, the center section consists of soft vinyl and only the ends are rigid to withstand impact, this being the secret behind the increased flexibility and durability of this crevice tool.

The Miele offer also includes a telescopic crevice tool which is practically a sort of extension that extends the cleaning radius of the crevice tool fitted on the vacuum cleaner. This telescopic crevice tool is compatible with all three Miele crevice tools, namely the SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool, the SFD 10 model and the standard model, and it is supplied with the Blue Moon canister vacuum cleaner, but it can be fitted on any other canister model in the Miele offer.

Measuring 24 inches in height, 2.8 inches in width and 1.8 inches in length, the SFD 20 extended flexible crevice tool is a perfect solution for anyone who needs to clean their heating ducts, dryer vents, air conditioners or any other surface of area which is harder to reach. It is an accessory with incredible cleaning abilities and therefore one worth considering when searching for cleaning solutions for the crevices or tight spaces around the house.

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