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Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

Our Price: $75.00

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Contents: Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpets and delicate upholstery, this tool can clean heavily-trafficked stairs and remove crumbs and pet hair from your furnishings with ease. Suitable for all Miele vacuum cleaners.

Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush

Our Price: $75.00

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Miele STB 101 Mini Turbobrush Description

People simply do not have any time to waste on cumbersome chores such as vacuuming, so they need the most efficient appliances and accessories they can get. Even the smallest accessory can reduce the cleaning time significantly, so the cleaning equipment should be chosen very carefully and only after making some comparisons and analyses. The Miele STB 101 mini Turbobrush is one of the solutions in these times of crisis, the quality and efficiency of this tool being hinted at in its very name.

There are a lot of advantages to buying a Miele STB 101 mini Turbobrush, one of them being that it does not pose any difficulties as far as its compatibility with different vacuum cleaner models is concerned. This handheld model is a real life saver when it comes to cleaning cut pile carpets but not only. It also handles upholstery very well. No dirt is unapproachable when one has this mini Turbobrush at their disposal. Whether it is crumbs that need to be removed, pet hair or just dust, this tool can remove them all at turbo speed and wherever they may hide.

It is incredible what this very small tool can do. Although it measures only 8.9 x 5.9 x 3 inches and its shipping weight is only 1.2 pounds, this attachment cleans aggressively and therefore efficiently. Driven by the airflow produced by the vacuum motor, it also makes itself remarked through its increased maneuverability. Its brush roll measures 5.25 inches in width, its design can be adjusted to the cleaning requirements and then there is also the swivel neck, which can rotate up to 120 degrees, thus giving access to all areas of the house no matter how hard to reach. Some spots simply cannot be reached with regular powerheads or brushes because of the too large heads. This brush is designed to reach those spots in particular. In addition to this, it is designed to deal with the most persistent types of debris such as pet hair, for instance, which require more suction power than usual.

The Miele STB 101 mini Turbobrush fits right at the end of the wand of the vacuum cleaner, where it remains fixed despite not being immobilized by any locking mechanism. The fit on the wand is enough to keep it in place. Once again, this tool is driven by the suction produced by the vacuum cleaner, so it just glides over the end where it is fitted.

Introduced as a mini version of the Miele Turbobrush, the Miele STB 101 mini Turbobrush adds a great deal of quality to the cleaning. Its ease of use, versatility and maneuverability recommend it as one of the most useful cleaning accessories available on the market at the present moment and this list of advantages is extended by its universal compatibility. In other words, the Miele STB 101 brush has conquered all vacuum cleaner users with its increased practicality, convenience and customer orientation typical of the German manufacturer.

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