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STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush

STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush

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Contents: Ideal for vacuuming cut-pile carpet and delicate upholstery, this tool can remove crumbs and pet hair from your furnishing and car seats with ease. The unique joint makes it extremly versatile.

Miele STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush

Our Price: $65.00

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Miele STB 20 Flexible Mini Turbobrush Description

Vacuuming is quite a cumbersome chore as it is, so any accessory that can provide a bit of flexibility is welcome and actually ideal. A good cleaning tool should be easy to use, highly efficient and versatile and this is exactly what the STB 20 flexible mini turbobrush offered by the German vacuum manufacturer Miele is like.

The STB 20 flexible mini turbobrush is a handheld turbobrush perfectly suited for cleaning delicate upholstery and cut pile carpets. It can be used to clean carpeted stairs, furniture or car seats that are invaded by dirt, pet hair or crumbs, all of them being easy targets for this highly efficient cleaning accessory. However convenient, handheld vacuum cleaners are far from the performance this tool can achieve, so the STB 20 turbobrush is recommended. Its design matches any of the canister vacuum cleaners in the Miele collection, but the canister ones only. Their upright vacuum cleaners do not support this attachment, but the option range is still wide.

The dirt, crumbs and pet hair settled on the surfaces mentioned above are removed very gently by this accessory thanks to its revolving brush roll which has two rows of bristles and is driven by a special turbine. The high efficiency of the tool is actually given by the strong suction produced by the turbine driven brush roll which is amplified by the one produced by the vacuum cleaner it is mounted on. The geared-belt turbine can be exposed by a simple push of a button which releases the cover that conceals it. As for its versatility, this is ensured by the unique joint of the attachment and therefore its pivoting head which allow it to reach small crevices and the tightest spaces occupied by dirt and pet hair.

There is another handheld turbobrush in the Miele catalog, namely the STB 101 handheld turbobrush. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the STB 20 flexible mini turbobrush and the STB 101 handheld one, but the former has a few advantages over the latter. One of them has to do with the pivoting head and therefore lies in its increased versatility. However, that does not make the STB 101 handheld turbobrush any less convincing or useful. It just makes the STB 20 one more useful.

Some of the attachments made by Miele are included in the packages of various vacuum cleaners they manufacture while others are only available as elements of various accessory kits. The STB 20 flexible mini turbobrush is included in the SCC 10 Miele car care accessory kit along with an SFS 10 suction extension hose, an SFD 20 crevice tool and an SUB 20 universal brush. All in all, the convenience and cleaning potential of this attachment are outstanding and make the accessory outstanding overall. In fact, it virtually substitutes for an upright vacuum cleaner with its set of features, cleaning any upholstery and furniture fast and thoroughly.

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