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SUB 10 Universal Brush

SUB 10 Universal Brush

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Contents: Durable yet gentle, this universal brush features robust bristles to clean larger areas like bookshelves or ceiling fans. One of the advantages of universal dusting brushes is that they can be fitted on a very large number of vacuum cleaners.

miele SUB 10 Universal Brush

Our Price: $29.95

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miele SUB 10 Universal Brush Description

Some people associated vacuuming and vacuum cleaners with cleaning floors and nothing but floors and upholstery, but that is not what this chore is all about. Any surface can be vacuumed if done with the proper tools. However, the choice of the right tools is not always easy because there are so many different types of them and so many manufacturers, each of them luring consumers with a particular set of features. Miele’s SUB 10 universal brush is also a very luring cleaning tool with its huge potential and complexity.

One of the advantages of universal dusting brushes is that they can be fitted on a very large number of vacuum cleaners. The SUB 10 universal brush, for instance, does not have too many preferences when it comes to the appliance it should be fitted, being compatible with all Miele canister appliances. The brush itself is an authentic Miele accessory. Moreover, it suits a variety of surfaces and cleaning tasks. Some places around the house are usually very difficult to clean because they are placed in hard-to-reach areas or they are very sensitive. Well, these are exactly the kind of cleaning challenges this dusting brush is designed for. Household items, books, bookshelves, ceiling fans, radiators, banisters, walls, coffee tables finally have an ally to help them escape dust and dirt deposits.

The suitability of the SUB 10 brush for all these cleaning tasks is determined by the bristles the manufacturer chose to equip it with and the design of the tip. It features a 5-inch wand where the bristles are disposed, each measuring one inch in length. So, soft and long, they provide the gentle cleaning sensitive surfaces require. The gentle cleaning is also ensured by the protection bumper made of vinyl whose mission is to prevent any bumps or scars of any kind that might occur during vacuuming. The cleaning of tight spaces is very dangerous from this point of view too, the risk of scratching something upon the introduction or removal of the dusting brush being very elevated. However, adjustments were made to the tip of the universal brush, which is now very narrow in order to fit into such places and sweep the dust from there.

Not many people have the courage to clean the very sensitive surfaces in their home like lamp shades or glass with their vacuum cleaners. Most people use wet pieces of cloth for this kind of cleaning jobs. However, the outcome cannot be the same. Vacuum cleaners are much more efficient than any piece of cloth, but the safety risks are a bit lower in the latter case. This is no longer the case. People have a choice in the SUB 10 universal brush and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this very useful and complete accessory Miele – a German manufacturer that has always considered the biggest concerns of their customers – has created for them and their homes.

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