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Miele Flexible Universal Brush

Miele SUB 20 Flexible Universal Brush

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Contents: With soft bristles and a swiveling neck, this universal brush is perfect for dusting bookshelves, mantles, moldings, ceiling fans and sculptures.

Miele Flexible Universal Brush

Our Price: $39.95

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Miele Flexible Universal Brush Description

Some people think that specialized cleaning tools are superior to universal ones from a qualitative point of view because they focus on a single type of surfaces, but they could not be more wrong. The difference is not necessarily made by the variety of surfaces a tool can clean, but by its set of features and the way they increase the functionality of that particular tool. The SUB 20 flexible universal brush released by Miele proves that universal brushes are first-rate accessories and that they are just as useful as any other accessory in the Miele collection and not only.

The universality of the SUB 20 flexible brush is also tightly connected to its compatibility with all of Miele’s canister vacuum cleaners and therefore with a variety of suction tubes, hoses and wands. It is also tightly connected to its ability to remove the dust settled on a variety of surfaces such as ceiling fans, moldings, mantles, bookshelves, sculptures or any vertical surfaces. Naturally, it is conceived so as not to present any risks for those surfaces, the bristles being the number one threat with all brushes. The ones on this dusting brush are mixed. Natural bristles are mixed with polyamide ones for additional gentleness and softness. Moreover, this blend delivers extraordinary cleaning results, so it has been chosen for more than just safety reasons.

The protection of all these surfaces and that of the many others the SUB 20 flexible universal brush can clean does not reduce itself to the softness or gentleness of the bristles but to other elements of the accessory as well. For instance, it features a special protection strip which ensures the protection of the furniture or the sensitive surfaces cleaned against scuffs or any kind of damage. Furnishings are usually very sensitive to any kind of contact with cleaning tools, but Miele has always considered this kind of surfaces and taken precautions to maintain their safety at all times and in all conditions.

All the surfaces mentioned above require high versatility and the SUB 20 flexible universal brush has them. The high versatility is ensured by its two joints and its swivel neck, which enable it to angle itself so that it can access hard-to-reach areas other cleaning tools cannot access. Impressively enough, it can rotate by 360 degrees if the dusty area requires it. Thus, it can clean any dust found between the balusters on one’s stairs or other tight spaces. As a matter of fact, it can remove the dust from pretty much any area or nook.

The SUB 20 flexible universal brush is a genuine Miele product and has many of the attributes this German manufacturer has built a reputation around. It is precise, efficient and extremely practical and it makes no compromises when the cleanliness of a surface is at stake. Therefore, it deserves to be assessed as one of the most complete and useful cleaning accessories available on the market at the present moment.

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