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The remarkable filtration properties of Miele bags have contributed greatly to the advent of this brand. Miele's incredible Air Clean sealed system along with a Miele vacuum filter bag, utilize advanced technologies to keep the air clean around you. Miele vacuum bags fit both Miele uprights and canisters. It's time to breathe easier with a Miele vacuum bag.

Bags for Miele Vacuum Cleaners

AirClean 3D FJM Bags

Miele AirClean 3D FJM FilterBags

For use in Miele Compact C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaners.
Price: $18.95
AirClean 3D G/N Bags

Miele AirClean 3D GN Bags

For Miele Canisters: Classic C1 and Complete C3.
Price: $18.95
AirClean 3D U Bags

Miele AirClean 3D U Bags

For use with Miele Dynamic U1 Series Upright Vacuums.
Price: $18.95
Type K FilterBags

Miele Type K/K FilterBags

For use in Miele stick vacuums Swing H1 & S140 - S195.
Price: $15.45
Type Z Dustbags

Miele Type Z

For use in Miele S170 & S180 Powerhouse Uprights
Price: $15.95
Type H Dustbags

Miele Type H Dustbags

For Fullsize canisters S227 - S240i and S269i - S282i.
Price: $17.75
Type L FilterBags

Miele Type L FilterBags

For use in Art.by Miele Uprights.

Price: $18.95
Type B Dustbags

Miele Type B Dustbags

For use in Miele S120 & S130 Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Price: $15.95

The filtration technology used by Miele in their vacuum cleaners is a multi-level one based on the HEPA technology and sealed dust bags. This technology prevents impurities from being released back into the air once they have been vacuumed up. Miele responded to the challenge of having to ensure cleanliness and hygiene every day by producing the HyClean Miele bags, whose life expectancy is 25% longer than that of any of the conventional models.

The technology behind Miele vacuum bags is not at all difficult to understand. These bags feature special airflow guides which distribute dust throughout them and create additional storage space. Thus, the dust retention capacity becomes much larger than that of conventional bags. These guides also feature protection screens, which prevent the Miele dust bags from tearing whenever sharp objects are retained. These are stopped from reducing the velocity of the dust bags by the special net on their walls.

Miele's filtration system has nine different filtration levels, which means that the filtration is ensured by nine filters of nine different sizes. These layers retain particles of different sizes, thus maintaining the cleanliness of the air for a longer period of time. They guarantee a powerful stream of air and superior performance. The most important layer is the padding one, which is a perfect storage medium. The padding layer is where all the impurities in the air are trapped. The filter material is of the best quality and this justifies the three-month life expectancy of these bags. The performance of the filtration layers is ensured by the electrostatically charged filaments which draw all impurities in the air like magnets. These are held tight inside and cannot be washed out or accidentally released back into the air. Two of the layers ensure the stability of Miele bags, protecting them against tear at all times.

Miele HyClean bags are complemented by the HEPA filtration system, which eliminates all unwanted odors and traps even the most difficult to catch air pollutants. Thus, the air they release exceeds the ambient air in terms of cleanliness.

Miele vacuum bags are not only extremely hygienic, but also very easy to replace, mainly thanks to the self-sealing collar which traps the air inside the bags once it reaches inside. Thus, the contents of the bags always remain untouched. The disposal of the contents is an equally hygienic process. The colored collar is another important feature of these bags that simplifies the bag selection process significantly. Regular replacement of Miele vacuum bags and filters guarantees long-lasting and impeccable performance at all times. Thus, the eight models of Miele bags offer hygiene and cleanliness every single day.