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Miele Type B Dustbags

Miele Type B Dustbags

Sale Price: $15.95

MSRP: $23.95 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 01122199
Contents: 5 dustbags, 1 standard filter, 1 pre-motor filter

For use in S120 & S130 Stick Uprights (formerly known as Universal Uprights and/or Mini-Uprights S125 - S138).

Miele Type B Dustbags

Sale Price: $15.95

Miele Type B Dustbags Description

The different vacuum cleaners manufactured by Miele are equipped with different models of dust bags. However, their mission is always the same – that is to impress their users with their filtration properties. The S125 to S138 stick upright vacuums made by Miele are equipped with Miele B dust bags.

Similarly to all the other Miele dust bags, the Miele B ones feature a multi-ply construction which makes it very difficult for the retained particles to leave the dust bag again. In other words, it reduces the emissions to a great extent.

The self-sealing collar and plastic flap block them inside the dust bag, so allergy and asthma sufferers can rest assured that their health is not endangered at any time. The hallmark of the Air Clean sealed system is its unique efficiency of over 99.9%, the upper limit of 99.99% being reached when there is a HEPA filter to accompany the pre-motor filter and the Super Air Clean one.

Most vacuum cleaners cannot perform equally well when the dust bag is full, but Miele found a solution to this problem too. They managed to increase the suction power loss by an amazing 25%. Miele B bags also benefit a lot from being very resistant and durable, the material they are made of being very hard to tear or puncture.

All these features help the Miele B dust bags to meet the needs of their users and even surprise them from some points of view, purifying the air to an extent other dust bags cannot.

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