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Miele Type H Dustbags

Miele Type H Dustbags

Sale Price: $17.75

MSRP: $25.75 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 02046318
Contents: 5 dustbags, 1 standard filter, 1 pre-motor filter

For use in Fullsize canister S227 - S240i and S269i - S282i, such as Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond, etc.

Miele Type H Dustbags

Sale Price: $17.75

Miele Type H Dustbags Description

Miele Air Clean dust bags are the ideal instrument for fighting allergens and air pollutants of all kinds and sizes. Their efficiency is unmatched when complemented by that of the unique HEPA filters. The success of the Air Clean sealed system and therefore the Miele H bags and other dust bag models lies in its ability to clean both the air and the floors just as efficiently and to filter out all toxic particles, leaving the air breathable by even the most sensitive.

Miele H dust bags are designed to be fitted on the full-size canister vacuum cleaners manufactured by the German company. Delivered along with a dust compartment filter and a Super Air Clean one, these bags can be used on all S2 full-size models. These dust bags feature nine filtration layers which capture everything there is to capture in the air and clean it in a ratio of 99.99%.

The airflow is never impaired, therefore the efficiency rate remains constant at all times. The self-sealing collar also has its contribution, leaving no debris out of the dust bag once it enters it. This is the component that recommends it for use by asthma sufferers and users with allergy problems. The walls are very resistant to any kind of contact, so the risk of the dust bag being torn by the objects the vacuum cleaner absorbs is very low.

All in all, Miele H bags are a successful mix of durability, resistance and convenience, as well as real symbols of extraordinary filtration performance.

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