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Miele Type K FilterBags
Miele Type K FilterBags Miele Type K FilterBags

Miele Type K FilterBags

Sale Price: $15.45

MSRP: $23.45 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 09359880
Contents: 5 dustbags, 1 standard filter, 1 pre-motor filter

Miele's Intensive Clean Plus FilterBags are made of a an intricate web of 3-ply random-spun fibers. This allows the IntensiveClean Plus bag to retain significantly far more tiny particles and allergens than with conventional paper dustbags.

For use in stick vacuums S140 - S195.

Miele Type K FilterBags

Sale Price: $15.45

Yellow Miele Type K FilterBags Description

The filtration properties of Miele vacuum cleaners have impressed customers around the world for a long time now for the German manufacturer has always invested time and resources in developing innovative technologies that can ensure optimum performance. The efficiency rate of their dust bags and filters exceeds 99.9%, which is not all vacuum cleaners can pride themselves on. This is also the case of the Miele K bags.

The Miele K bags can be encountered with Miele’s mini upright vacuum cleaners, namely with the S140-S194 mini upright models. These dust bags have a number of particularities which make them ideal for these vacuum cleaners and customers with various cleaning needs. One of them is their low emission rate which is actually 50% lower than that of other traditional dust bags. This is due to their multi-ply construction which allows for big filtration improvements and blocks the foreign particles inside.

Thus, the air that leaves these K bags is 99.9% clean, creating a suitable environment for allergy and asthma sufferers, too. Furthermore, their suction power is 25% higher than that of traditional dust bags, so their performance is also 25% higher at all times. The material they are made of is very durable as it is, but its durability is increased even further by a protection net and airflow guides. As for the Miele K package, it includes five K dust bags, one Super Air Clean filter and one pre-motor filter.

All in all, Miele K bags are very efficient against air pollution and ease the cleaning process significantly with their retention capacity of 2.6 dry quarts, so they also save a lot of time.

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