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Miele Type L FilterBags

Miele Type L FilterBags

Sale Price: $18.95

MSRP: $26.95 You Save: $8.00
Item Number: 05852650
Contents: 5 dustbags, 1 standard filter, 1 pre-motor filter

An intricate web of 3-ply random-spun fibers allow the IntensiveClean bag to retain significantly far more tiny particles and allergens than with conventional paper dustbags. For use in Art.by Miele Uprights.

Miele Type L FilterBags

Sale Price: $18.95

Miele Type L FilterBags Description

The purpose of vacuum cleaners is to leave as few air pollutants and as little dirt behind as possible. This task is completed by the filtration systems they are equipped with and with some vacuums, these systems include Miele L dust bags. The models that feature this type of dust bags are the Art models, more exactly the S920-S928 models.

The Miele L Intensive Clean dust bags come five in a box and are also accompanied by a pre-motor filter and a standard one. These are the standard contents of Miele’s dust bag packages. The first feature of these accessories is their 50% lower emission rate, which is achieved by the multi-ply fibers and the sealed system. Once retained in the dust bag, the particles can no longer escape it because of the self-sealing collar and the plastic flap it features. The risk of any particles being accidentally released back into the air is minimized by the materials these dust bags are made of which can withstand a lot of pressure.

The chances of there being any airflow impairments are null, so the suction power can work its wonders in all conditions. In fact, this suction power is superior to that produced by other similar appliances. It is 25% higher regardless of whether the dust bag has reached its maximum storage capacity or not.

The large capacity and easy to replace Miele L bags are very efficient in their permanent struggle with allergens, debris and all kinds of particles in the air, exceeding the performance levels achieved by many other conventional vacuum cleaners, so they are a recommended filtration solution.

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