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Miele AirClean Filter (SAC 30)

Miele AirClean Filter (SAC 30)

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Sacking Odors and Air Pollutants with the Miele Air Clean Filter SAC 30. The Air Clean sealed system is one of the many new ideas Miele has launched on the profile market since its foundation. Known to rely on the German precision and attention to details, they proposed a filtration system with an efficiency rate over 99.9%. The Miele Air Clean filter SAC 30 is one of the components included in it, namely the one found on the S2000, S300 through S600 canister vacuum cleaners and the upright S7 models.

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Sale Price: $11.95

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Miele AirClean Filter (SAC 30) Description

The Miele Air Clean filters have a few upgraded features as compared to the Super Air Clean models, therefore so does the Miele Air Clean filter SAC 30. Moreover, it features a charcoal cassette which improves its results even more, extending them to an olfactory level too. Thus, the already impressive 99.95% efficiency of this filter on the various harmful particles in the air that exceed 0.5 microns in size is complemented by its ability to remove the most unpleasant odors. Therefore, the vacuum cleaners equipped with this filter are recommended for smokers and pet owners in particular. The life span of the SAC 30 filter is another appealing factor, no filter replacement being required for at least a year. There is increased convenience with this accessory which can be replaced with absolutely no effort and which even has a slot for writing the due date for its replacement.

The balance between the efficiency and the convenience of the Miele Air Clean filter SAC 30 is perfect and so is this filter for all those who must or simply want to live in a perfectly healthy environment.

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