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Miele Vacuum Compairson Chart

Miele offers various vacuums to choose from. We have created easy to follow, side-by-side comparison charts that allow you to compare Miele vacuums at a glance. ThinkVacuum's goal is to eliminate as much confusion when selecting your next Miele Canister Vacuum or Miele Upright. Choose an option below to compare the Miele vacuum series that interests you. Upon comparing a Miele vacuum, if you still have questions and would like help with your selection; feel free to contact our staff of Miele experts at 1.800.322.2965. Compare Canisters: S8, S6, & S2. Compare Miele Uprights: S7.

Miele Vacuum Comparison Charts Side-By-Side Overview

Compare Miele Vacuums at a glance. Woman comparing Miele vacuums

Don’t let the many different Miele vacuums available prevent you from making a decision. It’s easy to compare Miele vacuums with our at-a-glance comparison charts. Within each Miele vacuum comparison chart you’ll see an overview of side-by-side specs outlining motor, power, settings, included attachment, accessories, color, and more. After you’ve compared the vacuum series you’re interested in and made a selection, either purchase it directly on the Miele compare chart or simply click the vacuum name to view the product page.

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J.D. Powers Award given to Miele

Miele ranked
"Higest in Customer Satisfaction with Upright (Two years in a Row) and Canister Vacuums"

by J.D. Power and Associates.

45% of Miele upright owners and 51% of Miele canister owners indicated they "definitely will" recommend Miele to family, friends or colleagues.