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Compare Miele S5 Canister Vacuums

Comparison Chart for Miele S5 Vacuum Series

Compare at a glance, all Miele S5 Canister vacuums. We’ve set up an easy to follow comparison chart for Miele S5 vacuum cleaners. If also considering Miele Canisters such as the S8, S6, S2, or the S7 Upright series, you’ll find it’s easy to compare to those vacuums as well. Are you looking to purchase a Miele Vacuum or Miele Parts & Accessories?

Compare Uprights: S7 Series Compare Canisters: S2 Series S5 Series S6 Series S8 Series
S5 Series S5281 Callisto S5981 Capricorn
Miele Callisto S5281

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Miele Capricorn S5981

Price: $1,099

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Power S5281 Callisto S5981 Capricorn
Powerful 1200-watt Miele-Made Vortex Motor™ Rotary Dial +/- Handle Control
Number of Power Settings 6 6
Motor Protection Function
Motor Protection Indicator
Intelligent AutoEco™ motor control
Filtration Deep Black S5981 Capricorn
AirClean Sealed System™ Construction
AirClean FilterBag™ G/N G/N
FilterBag™ change indicator
Air Clean Filter Optional Optional
Active Air Clean Filter Optional Optional
Active HEPA Filter Standard Standard
Filter replacement indicator
Accessories S5281 Callisto S5981 Capricorn
Durable non-electric hose
Durable electric hose
Deluxe handle grip with electrobrush control and
suction controls via handle
Telescopic stainless steel wand
Standard floor tool SEB 228 & SBB 300-3 SBB 300-3
Optional electrobrushes N/A SEB 217-3/SEB236
Dusting Brush
Upholstery Tool
Crevice Nozzle
Long electrical cord with automatic rewind
Cleaning Radius 33' 33'
Color Deep Black S5981 Capricorn
Miele S5 Canister Vacuums S5281 Callisto S5981 Capricorn

Additional Information about the S5 Canister Vacuum Series by Miele

Suitable for cleaning all types of floors and floor coverings, Mile’s S5 Series blends energy efficiency with standard-setting innovations to create a highly intelligent and remarkable convenient vacuum cleaner. Many S5 models feature foot pedal controls for effortless comfort, and the savvy S5 Earth offers a self-adjusting AutoEco setting. As you transition from hardwoods to dense carpeting, the S5 Earth automatically decreases suction, then increases suction when you return to smooth, solid flooring – saving you both time and energy.

The ergonomic telescopic wands standard on all S5 models make reaching the curtain rods, mantles, blinds and other hard-to-reach surfaces as easy and convenient as caring for your floors. And with an additional layer of sound insulation, these full-sized canisters operate quietly without waking sleeping children or disrupting conversations.