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Compare Miele S6 Canister Vacuums

Comparison Chart for Miele S6 Vacuum Series

Compare at a glance, all Miele S6 Canister vacuums. We’ve set up an easy to follow comparison chart for Miele S6 vacuum cleaners. If also considering Miele Canisters such as the S8, S5, S2, or the S7 Upright series, you’ll find it’s easy to compare to those vacuums as well. Are you looking to purchase a Miele Vacuum or Miele Parts & Accessories?

Compare Uprights: S7 Series Compare Canisters: S2 Series S5 Series S6 Series S8 Series
S6 Series S6270 Quartz S6270 Topaz S6270 Onyx S6270 Jasper
Miele Quartz S6270

Price: $429

Miele Onyx S6270

Price: $499

Miele Topaz S6270

Price: $749

Miele Cat & Dog S7260

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sold online*

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Power S6270 Quartz S6270 Topaz S6270 Onyx S6270 Jasper
2-motor system, with separate control for electrobrush
Powerful 1200-watt Miele-Made Vortex Motor™ Rotary Dial Rotary Dial Rotary Dial Rotary Dial
4,800 RPM electrobrush motor
Number of Power Settings 6 4 4 4
Motor protection indicator
Silence motor
Filtration S6270 Quartz S6270 Topaz S6270 Onyx S6270 Jasper
AirClean Sealed System™ Construction
AirClean FilterBag™ F/J/M Style F/J/M Style F/J/M Style F/J/M Style
FilterBag™ change indicator
Air Clean Filter Standard Standard Optional Standard
Active Air Clean Filter Optional Optional Optional Optional
Active HEPA Filter Optional Optional Standard Optional
Filter replacement indicator
Accessories S6270 Quartz S6270 Topaz S6270 Onyx S6270 Jasper
Durable non-electric hose
Durable electric hose
Deluxe handle grip with electrobrush control and
suction controls via handle
Telescopic stainless steel wand
Standard floor tool SBD 285-3 STB 205-3 & SBB 300-3 SBD 650-3 SEB 217-3 & SBB 300-3
Upholstery Tool
Crevice Nozzle
Long electrical cord with automatic rewind
MicroSet (SMC 10)
Flexible crevice nozzle (SFD 20)
Cleaning Radius 33' 33' 33' 33'
Color Lotus White Tayberry Red Obsidian Black Pistachio Green
Miele S6 Canister Vacuums S6270 Quartz S6270 Topaz S6270 Onyx S6270 Jasper

Additional Information about the S6 Canister Vacuum Series by Miele

With the S6, Miele has engineered a brilliantly refined cleaning solution – one conceived to maximize performance and efficiency in an elegant, space-saving design. Weighing less than ten pounds, its durable, innovative skeleton construction is built to capture and securely retain more than 99.9% of dirt, dust and allergens – while its efficient, near-silent motor delivers significant noise reduction without sacrificing power. The result is a jewel of a canister vacuum cleaner: thoughtfully considered, flawlessly fashioned and timelessly desirable.