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Miele Compact C2 Canister Vacuum

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Miele has always made the best choices with their vacuum cleaners, offering their customers both convenient and aesthetic appliances. Their attempt to improve the quality of the S5 vacuums and to satisfy their customers’ needs resulted in the release of the Miele Compact C2 vacuums on the market, a series of lightweight, quiet and compact vacuum cleaners.

Miele Compact C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Series

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Miele Onyx Canister VacuumMiele Onyx Compact C2Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- F/J/M Bags Color - Obsidian Black Floor Tools - STB 205-3 & SBB 300-3
Price: $499.00
Miele Quartz Canister VacuumMiele Quartz Compact C2Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- F/J/M Bags Color - Lotus White Floor Tools - SBD 285-3
Price: $429.00
Miele Topaz Canister VacuumMiele Topaz Compact C2Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- F/J/M Bags Color - Marine Blue Floor Tools - SEB 217-3 & SBB 300-3
Price: $749.00

About Miele Compact C2 Canister Vacuum

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Miele Compact C2 vacuums are based on the entire work done by Miele in the vacuuming industry. Even the smallest details proved to make a huge difference with these appliances which are designed to be among the best available at the moment, standing up to any challenge thanks to their ease of use, power, filtration abilities and appealing and practical design.

One of the main advantages of Miele Compact C2 vacuums lies in the extremely efficient Air Clean sealed system which can clean 99.99% of the dust and debris embedded deep into any kind of carpet and found in the indoor air. The Air Clean sealed system can actually deliver astounding cleaning results with its twelve layers.

The paradox of these appliances is that they are lightweight yet their performance is comparable to that of heavy duty vacuum cleaners. However, the explanation is very simple and it lies in the skeleton construction of the Compact C2 vacuums. This makes them both portable and resistant to impact, this being a common problem with vacuuming. Moreover, their design is also conceived so as to ensure increased maneuverability, the 33-foot long power cord for instance eliminating the risk of wasting time on changing power outlets and the three casters ensuring smooth transitions.

The casing of Miele Compact C2 vacuums conceals very powerful and performing parts such as the innovative 1200-watt Vortex motor. However, the high performance of the motor does not draw a loud noise for it is encased and insulated. This design idea makes Miele vacuums some of the quietest vacuums in the market at present. Moreover, some of the Compact C2 vacuums are equipped with different tools that reduce the noise level even further. Another impressive aspect regarding these vacuum cleaners is that they consume very little energy, the Jasper model for instance consuming 25% less than the other models of the series.

The improvements made on the previous products are very easy to notice because of the innovative features of Compact C2 vacuums. The 1200-watt Vortex motor is only one of the innovations, but a lot of new ideas lie behind the eye-catching designs of these appliances.

Miele has found a way to meet the standards and expectations of all their customers by introducing the Miele Compact C2 vacuums. Suitable for any lifestyle, these vacuums make an impression not only through their design and maneuverability, but also through their performance, thus complying with the company’s slogan’s course of action.