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Dynamic U1 Series Vacuum Cleaners by Miele

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All Miele upright vacuums offer innovation and practicality, so they deserve the success they have been enjoying for so many years now. There are quite a few features that set these upright vacuum cleaners apart. One of them is their six-inch tall profile which eases the cleaning in tight places where one can usually reach only with a telescopic wand. In fact, this low profile allows these vacuums to achieve miracles in the hardest-to-reach areas.

Miele Dynamic U1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Series

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Miele Twist Canister VacuumMiele Twist Dynamic U1Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 4 Capacity - 5.45 qts Color - Sprint Blue
Price: $449.00
Miele Jazz Canister VacuumMiele Jazz Dynamic U1Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 4 Capacity - 5.45 qts Color-Canary Yellow
Price: $549.00
Cat & Dog
Miele Cat & Dog Canister VacuumMiele Cat & Dog Dynamic U1Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 4 Capacity - 5.45 qts Color - Lotus White
Price: $649.00
Miele AutoEco Canister VacuumMiele AutoEco Dynamic U1Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 5.45 qts Color - Obsidian Black
Price: $799.00

About Miele Upright Vacuums

Miele Upright Vacuums Offer Innovation and Practicality

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Miele launched the Dynamic U1 series of upright vacuum cleaners a few years back and has been enjoying a great success ever since. There are a lot of similarities between the Miele upright vacuums and the German manufacturer’s canister models, but that only helps to take precedence over other similar products available in the market at present for their filtration abilities and cleaning results on smooth floors and carpets place them in a leading market position.

Most upright vacuum cleaners are not so easy to maneuver. The biggest problems usually arise when they need to be turned. Various designs have been approached for increased maneuverability, yet none of them has proven to be as convenient as the one Miele went for with their Dynamic U1 upright vacuums. Their design is based on a pivot point set at the base of their vacuums which allows for the vacuum to be easily turned to the left or right, depending on the situation. Thus, the appliances can also clean the mess there may be under the furniture, for instance. Actually, the whole secret is in the low gravity center.

The Miele upright vacuums can also be easily adjusted to match different carpet thicknesses for better performance. They also feature a special switch for engaging and disengaging the brush roll, depending on the cleaning requirements. This is a very rare feature among these appliances, but it work wonders on smooth floors, where the dirt is usually spread instead of being pulled in. Therefore, the Dynamic U1 upright vacuums feature two motors, one of which powers them and produces suction power while the other one controls the brush roll. Part of Miele’s reputation is also due to the quiet operation of their products. Their powerful motors make very little noise, so they are far less disturbing than other similar appliances.

Most of the vacuum cleaners of the Dynamic U1 series feature HEPA filtration system. The only two exceptions are the Twist and the Cat&Dog models. However, they can also be fitted with HEPA filters, which can add to the performance of the standard Super Air Clean ones they feature. The latter have a retention rate of 99.95%, allowing no particles larger than 0.5 microns to escape. However, HEPA filters are also very efficient against odors. The filtration results of these vacuums are also maximized by the self-sealing 9-ply dust bags.

Finally, all Miele upright vacuums have an exceptional operating radius of 55 feet thanks to their power cords and hoses which exceed those fitted on the traditional models in length. The list of particularities of the Miele Dynamic U1 vacuums goes on with their practical and durable designs, their on-board tools and their extended warranties. However, each Dynamic U1 upright vacuum manufactured by Miele is unique and has a different set of advantages to offer.