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Miele Swing H1 Stick / Quickstep vacuums used to be known as mini or universal uprights because of the resemblance they bear to the regular upright vacuums by Miele. These vacuums are a perfect solution for the removal of dirt, dust and spills from small areas and hard floors. They can also be a perfect solution for cleaning low pile carpets if fitted with an STB 205 powerbrush, which is the best performing tool on such surfaces. Choose from three different Quickstep models.

Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Household Stick Vacuum Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Motor Watts - 1000 Capacity - 2.6 qts Floor Tools - SBD 470-3 FiberTeQ
Price: $199.00
Miele Quickstep Upright S194 Household Stick Vacuum Miele Quickstep Upright S194 Motor Watts - 1000 Capacity - 2.6 qts Floor Tools - SBD 470-3 FiberTeQ

More Info About Miele Stick / Quickstep Vacuums

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Miele has set new standards with their vacuum cleaners which have been available in the market for over one hundred years. The craftsmanship and the quality of these appliances have been taken to a different level by the German manufacturer whose work is put under the sign of German precision and thoroughness. Their success is mainly due to their refusal to make any compromises, everything being of the best quality and thoroughly assessed and tested before being released on the market. Miele’s philosophy, which is to always be better, gave birth to the series of Miele Swing H1 stick vacuums, which have built a reputation for itself over the years.

The standard brushes these vacuums come with are SBD 245 combination tools, so they can clean multiple surfaces, this tool being extremely versatile. Other accessories and tools included in the packages of Miele Swing H1 stick vacuums are a non-telescopic wand, an upholstery tool and a crevice one, all of which are designed to ease the cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and more pretentious surfaces. These appliances are not only highly functional, but also very convenient, featuring long power cords that increase the operating radius to 26 feet, which is remarkable for stick vacuums. These cords are held by two clips when the vacuum cleaners are in standby or turned off and can easily be released when turned back on by simply twisting it.

Unlike the canister models offered by Miele, these vacuums are powered by 1000-watt motors, but they keep the suction power adjustments, which can be made via a special switch. As far as the filtration abilities are concerned, the Air Clean system can also be encountered here, with a Super Air Clean filter sending the pollutants in the air to a double-layer dust bag with a flap.

As for the design of the vacuum cleaners of the Swing H1 series, it is modular and lightweight. Therefore, numerous configurations can be made and they can be easily transported and stored. Miele found the best way for their products to have a pleasant aspect while also being very durable. They made the exterior casing of ABS plastic, which is also used for the manufacturing of football helmets.

Tested to last for impressive periods of time, Miele Swing H1 stick vacuums deserve their appreciation by vacuum users around the world for they are easy to use and powerful for their size. As usual, Miele focused on the quality of their products and therefore succeeded in offering their customers an ideal series of vacuum cleaners for use on various small surfaces.