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Already known in the vacuuming industry for the performance and convenience of their vacuum cleaners, Miele tried to make some improvements on a financial level and their ideas materialized in the Miele S2 vacuums. The products of this series, the Titan, Delphi, Capri and Olympus canister vacuums, keep the particularities of Miele products in general, including those of the more advanced models, but they offer them at very low prices. Their durability is just as impressive and so is their quality although their purpose was to replace products of the S5 series.

Miele Olympus S2121  Canister Vacuum Miele
Olympus S2121
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- GN Bags Color - Lotus White Floor Tools - SBD 350-3
Price: $329.00
Miele Capri S2121  Canister Vacuum Miele
Capri S2121
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- GN Bags Color - Lava Grey Floor Tools - STB
205-3 & SBB Parquet-3
Price: $399.00
Miele Delphi S2121  Canister Vacuum Miele
Delphi S2121
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- GN Bags Color - Lotus White Floor Tools - SEB 217-3
Price: $499.00
Miele Titan S2181  Canister Vacuum Miele
Titan S2181
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Bag Type- GN Bags Color - Mango Red Floor Tools - SEB
217-3 & SBB Parquet-3
Price: $599.00

About Miele S2 Canister Vacuum

Silent Power at Low Prices with the Miele S2 Vacuums

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Probably the most important features Miele S2 vacuums share with the vacuums of the S5 series are the very silent Vortex motor and the HEPA filtration system, which are the best in the market at the present moment. The delivery of Miele vacuums is conditioned by their prior testing in the German labs for customers to benefit from the best appliances. The tests the appliances are subjected to are very rigorous and set very high quality standards. Thus, the motor is tested to last for no less than twenty years

All the vacuum cleaners of the S2 series have a durable ABS plastic casing and they all feature three swivel casters for maneuverability purposes. All S2 vacuums support the extremely efficient HEPA filter, but not all of them feature it. However, they all feature a 9-layer G/N Air Clean dust bag that can be used 25% longer than any of the other dust bags available in the market. The telescopic wand is another standard feature.

There appears to be nothing special about the Miele S2 vacuums so far, but the differences become clear once the extra accessories are analyzed. The first of their extras is the rotary dial designed for suction power control. These vacuums also set themselves apart through their weight, which never exceeds nine pounds, thus being the lightest vacuums built by the German manufacturer. The Titan and Delphi models feature electric hoses as well as telescopic wands and powerbrushes that can complete any cleaning task that involves carpets. The Olympus vacuum features a combination tool while the Capri one features two floor tools, one for smooth floors and one for carpets. The handles also differ from one model to another, the former two models featuring ergonomic handles with suction power controls fitted on them while the latter two feature simple ergonomic ones.

The attachments and accessories that accompany one of the Miele S2 vacuums can also be fitted to any of the other vacuum cleaners of the series for the performance of the appliance to increase and be as satisfactory as possible. In the end, the purpose of this whole series of vacuum cleaners is to provide the potential customers with all the equipment they need to clean their floors and indoor air properly without opening huge holes in their budget. This is the goal behind the release on the market of the S2 series of vacuums by Miele.