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Stability is one of the strong points of the vacuum cleaners of the Miele S8 series. Ease of movement and smooth transitions are the main keywords. All the vacuums of this series feature foot pedal controls which enable the user to adjust the floor settings and the length of the 36-foot long retractable power cord with one tap. Another feature that ensures the stability of these appliances is the dynamic drive or the swivel casters which absorb shock and therefore ensure those smooth transitions aimed by the manufacturer.

Miele Alize S8590  Canister Vacuum Miele
Alize S8590
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color - Ivory White Floor Tools - SBD 650-3
Price: $649.00
Miele Calima S8390  Canister Vacuum Miele
Calima S8390
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color-Canary Yellow Floor Tools - STB 205-3 & SBB 300-3
Price: $649.00
Cat & Dog
Miele Cat & Dog S8380 Canister Vacuum Miele
Cat & Dog S8380
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color - Koi Orange Floor Tools - SEB 228 & SBB 300-3
Price: $949.00
Miele Kona S8390  Canister Vacuum Miele
Kona S8390
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color - Obsidian Black Floor Tools - SEB 228 & SBB 300-3
Price: $929.00
Miele Marin S8590  Canister Vacuum Miele
Marin S8590
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color - Blue Metallic Floor Tools - SBB 300-3
Price: $999.00
Miele UniQ S8990  Canister Vacuum Miele
UniQ S8990
Motor Watts - 1200 Power Settings - 6 Capacity - 4.76 qts Color - Brown Metallic Floor Tools - SEB 236 & SBB 300-3
Price: $1499.00

About Miele S8 Canister Vacuums

Reaching a New Level of Cleaning with the Miele S8 Series of Vacuums

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Miele vacuum cleaners have amazed everyone with their performance ever since the foundation of the German manufacturer in 1899. Like any manufacturer, Miele has also introduced a number of innovations and revolutionizing concepts that have contributed to its market success. One of these revolutionizing ideas was the introduction of the Miele S8 series of vacuum cleaners, which reflects the company’s goal of setting new standards in terms of performance and convenience.

The Miele S8 series is the result of over one hundred years of experience in the domain and five years of market research on the cleaning preferences of customers. This research revealed that a great deal of manufacturers believe that vacuum cleaners can only achieve high efficiency rates if they are bulky, that the cleaning radius is determined by the shape of the appliance or that high power is equivalent to loud noise. The S8 series proves them wrong, being renowned for the improved performance of its vacuum cleaners as well as for their lightweight and quietness.

The S8 series also relies on balance, its vacuums all being powerful yet quiet, intuitive and adaptable. They can clean all types of surfaces thanks to the automatic setting, yet the suction power levels are adjusted to match the floor types, the energy consumption thus being reduced significantly. These appliances reflect Miele’s concept of balance between the power and noise produced by a vacuum, so their motors are encased for the noise to be as low as possible. The designs are also balanced in that they are durable yet lightweight despite the integrated accessories.

There is another word that can be used to describe the designs of the vacuums of the Miele S8 series and that is beautiful. They are all modern, very aesthetic and beautifully aligned. The handles of these vacuum cleaners are equipped with a spotlight for dark areas to be cleaned properly too. There is also an illuminated parking system for better storage. The designs are more than just fashionable. They are also practical, the vacuums featuring a 3D bumper which protects the appliances and the furniture in the event of any collisions. All the materials used for building these vacuum cleaners are recyclable.

Last but not least, these vacuums increase the quality of the indoor air with their Air Clean sealed system, which traps 99.9% of particles, and they are energy-saving, their automatic setting reducing the consumption of energy when they are in standby. All products are tested before being released on the market, so quality and performance are guaranteed. All in all, the vacuums of the Miele S8 series give their users a state of well-being, meeting all the conditions needed to reach higher performance levels that their predecessors. In fact, the S8 series only maintains the image Miele has created for itself in the vacuuming market.